Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lima Peru North Mission!!!!!!!!

It is hard to keep in my excitement; Lima Peru seems like such a fantastic call. The more that I learn about the people, the culture, and the climate the more I tend to lose myself in day dreams imagining how to preach the gospel in such a foreign place. I have been given such a wonderful opportunity and I cannot wait to dive right in. I am not all to eager to once again leave my parents, seeing how it feels like i just came back from my first year of college. On the other hand, working for the next 4 months is quite a large pill to swallow. I am trying to adopt a more optimistic attitude about waiting for so long.I keep telling myself that the next 4 months will fly by more quickly if I distract myself in preparation to serve the Lord in Peru. By preparation i mean my two, as of right now, personal goals which are:
1. Read the Book of Mormon again and
2. Read Jesus the Christ before I leave.
Jesus the Christ seems like a very daunting goal but i have plenty of time... On a side note Grandma Harris lead me to a web site that showed me the boundaries of my mission, and I was surprised to find out that most of my mission is in the Amazon Rain forest. My heart just about leap out of my chest with pure elation and gratitude for such a humbling experience. The jungle is a massively different world then the brown plains of Great Falls. I just don't feel like i can sufficiently write in words how grateful i am to be going to the Lima Peru North mission. In short, I feel truly blessed.


  1. So, so excited for you Jaren!!! You will be an amazing missionary! The people in Peru are so lucky to have you! Thank you for always being such a good example for my kids. Especially my boys!

  2. You will be a fantastic missionary Jaren. We are really excited for you to be able to use all that Spanish you learned in high school and to go to such a great place as Peru. Our good friend in Punta Gorda, Florida, Dr. Numa Tamayo is Peruvian and his parents are in Lima. They are such wonderful people. We know you will serve well and make a difference over there. Congratulations. Love the blog!!!!
    The Porters, Barclay, Susan, and Brooke

  3. Jaren,

    one of my favorite memories of you is when your parents brought you and aubrei to visit the grandparents here in livermore...I must've been about 14? maybe 15? but you were the cutest little curly headed baby EVER. I was able to get you asleep on my chest and I tried to stay as still as possible so that you would keep sleeping and i think we were on the couch for quite awhile.

    so my point?? I am just amazed and proud of you! you are so far from that curly headed baby and I wish we got to see you more and my boys would have you as a role model! Love you wherever you may be...make sure to give your mommy endless kisses before you leave.

    hopefully we will see you in the fall!
    Love ya,
    Aunt Molly