Monday, February 7, 2011

The Calling... The Mantle... of a Missionary

Hello from the great country of PERU!!

Well it is really disappointing that you are not getting my letters or the cds that I sent you. Wow! I will try again but know that it is really expensive to send stuff. Ok, so Mom always has about three hundred questions to ask me, let us begin.

My room is super cool. I live on the second floor in the house of the first counselor of the stake presidency. My room is really small but we have another room that is for studying and it is just right. No, the shower is not outside, lol.  It is inside but there is a large open window next to the shower ..ergo this is how the lizard entered.

Well because I am thinking of animals, for your information I have held three different types of monkeys, a sloth, and a baby crocodile. When you come, we can do the exact same thing. It is really cool.  One of the monkeys was just a baby, and was no bigger than my thumb.

About my health..No problems at all. I am super safe with everything. If I don’t know what it is then I don’t eat it. The same principle applies for all things: smell, touch, drink.

Yes, Mom I have a poncho and yes I use the mosquito net that the mission provides because it is better than the one that I came with, otherwise everything is super cool. So it is around 75 degrees here but because it is super humid I just sweat and sweat… crazy sauce.

A little more about my area, the name of my new area is called Sachachorro and Venecia districts. We have two wards.

Oh, I forgot to tell you!  Yesterday we had another baptism.  It was super awesome. We baptized a 12 year old named Kevin. We baptized him Saturday, confirmed him Sunday, and in priesthood he received the Aaronic priesthood. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Super exciting.  He was my first baptism of a male. Ok, that sounds odd but we basically baptized him so that he can go on some day and be a missionary, baptize more people. The work goes on and on and on.

A little about the work, I had a moment this week that almost brought me to tears. We were walking on the street and contacted this man.  He really did want to talk to us but he referred us to another man named Juan. We went to the house and found Juan there. We began to talk to him and he was overwhelmed with excitement. We talked to him for almost an hour, about his life and come to find out he is a member, just super inactive. This was on Wednesday of this week. On Sunday in testimony meeting, he came and bore his testimony. His words were "gracias por la visito de los dos angeles, por que estaba en la oscuridad y otra vez ellos me mostraron la luz" which means "I thank those two angels that visited me, because I was in the darkness and again they showed me the light."  The calling... The mantle... of a missionary sometimes is very difficult, very heavy, but there is always blessings for those that keep the commandments. I have never been raised above the status of human being to that of an angel. I am deeply humbled to know that this is where I need to be right now.  The Lord needs to use me as an instrument in his hands.  More than ever I am grateful to be a missionary. I am really starting to feel what it is like to me a messenger of the Lord... a representative of Jesus Christ. I love this work. 

Con Amor, Elder Harris 

P.S.  So about the skype thing.. I have an interview with the president this Thursday.  I will ask him.  The interview is a regular interview, nothing bad, we have interviews every change.
P.S. Off to play soccer again.. lol.. like every dia de preparacion. I am getting really good.. lol

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