Monday, November 21, 2011

New Companion and Responsibilities

WOW, what a fantastic week!
Well I have a super great new companion. His name is Elder Lucas.  I pretty much think that he is the man. He is from Ecuador.  He is super great. I am really happy that he is with me. He is super short, super humble, and I think that we are going to have a lot of success. Why is he so humble? He was born on a farm in the middle of nowhere in the middle of Ecuador. How fetching awesome right?  He never finished high school so he can’t read super great, but he is super intelligent. He is really quick, and witty, so we have been joking a lot, which makes the work great. He loves to dance. He was basically a professional dancer which is cool.  He doesn’t know how to use a computer very well.  I have to teach him how to send pictures easier.  He is making me laugh because he uses one finger to type.  He gets out one or two words every 2 minutes or so. I am going to help him use word.  
Well I do have a little bit of news. I have been made the district leader. I have been bumped up and now have a district that I need to watch after. I am pretty excited because this will give me a chance to pump up some of the other missionaries that are in my area. I really like animating the missionaries to work harder. It makes me really happy to help a missionary understand his purpose a little bit more so that he goes out and works harder. I think I learned how to be a great motivator from you, Mom and Dad.  You always knew how to motivate me. I am excited to have this opportunity to work with other missionaries. I hope and pray that the Lord can guide me in how I can help them.
Yes, I received the package you sent. Yes, I totally love those new shoes and they fit just perfect.  I am really happy with all those candies, and so is my COMPANION!
Well, we had a really interesting experience this week. We had 15 investigators come to church. That was a handful. That’s my record too!!!!!!!!!! I was super happy because we have three people right now that we are helping to be baptized. We had an entire family of 5 people come to church today, so I am excited to see if we can help them want to be baptized. They have to get married first.
 Super cool story…..
When we arrived at church there was a lady there that showed up with her brother that is about 25 years old. We started to talk to him.  Come to find out that he is not a member of the church but wants to start investigating the gospel because every single person in his family is a member of the church. We set up an appointment with him so that we could visit him. We went and we talked to him about the church, what he liked and what he didn’t like, and then we explained all of the first lesson… He loved it… we talked about baptism…. He loved it… now he has chosen to be baptized on the 3rd of December. Perfect! I feel like God just gifted us this guy. His name is Marcos, and he lives in an area in our district that is super far away. We have to take a bus for about 20 minutes and then we have to walk for 10 more minutes to get to his house. I will send you pictures of where he lives when we visit him this week.
Well that really stinks that Haleigh didn’t get the chance to have the dance (MORP) but better still that they got to watch scary movies. Reminds of someone else that used to watch a lot of scary movies with someone named Brooke. HMMMMMM who’s that guy?
Well I am still undecided on the whole future job thing. I don’t know what to think yet.
I love you all and I hope that you have a great week.

P.S. It’s almost Christmas, dang!!!

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