Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2nd Snail Mail Letter/October 27, 2010: Here is an excerpt

..The MTC is truly a place of love and work.  I have found in these last few days that the Lord has a great design set out for his children in Peru and that I am essential to that plan.  As I follow the rules and continue to practice Spanish, I can feel myself changing.  The prophet Joseph Smith said, “When we find ourselves low, we are being prepared by the Lord to be raised up.”  That is not an exact quote, but the meaning holds the same.  My testimony has taken Great, Great Leaps forward since I have been here.  I thought I was excited before, but it compares to nothing that I feel now.  I have found myself questioning the Lord’s will in the past but I have now come to a greater knowledge.  The Lord knows us so personally, He knows our weaknesses, and strengths.  I know that while I am away the Lord will bless the family in more ways then we will know.
 Thank you so much for all the letters, and packages.  It makes my day every time I have some news. 
Yesterday I received my travel itinerary.  I leave for Peru on November 3rd.  The time that I have spent here seems so short but I have learned so much.  I have been taking pictures but the photo machine has been broken in the MTC bookstore.  I promise to send some soon.
Most of the missionaries in my district are going to Villa Hermosa Mexico Mission.  We also have two going to the Bolivia Santa Cruz Mission.  Those two leave with Elder Johnson (Jaren’s companion) and I and will be in the Peru MTC with us.  Our personal goals are to all speak Spanish as often as we can.  So no, we don’t speak it all the time but I can already start to feel my mind changing into Spanish mode.  Church on Sundays are all in Spanish.  That means everything including sacrament prayers, hymns, prayers, talks, pretty much everything.
Please tell Grandma (M.) that I love her to death.  The letters that she sends, I love reading them and peeling off the quarters.
I pray for our family every day.  I thank the Lord for providing such loving parents, and three fantastic sisters.
I went to the temple last Thursday and will go again this Thursday.  I know we sing it but it is true, the Temple is a house of God, a place of love and beauty..
                                                                                        Elder Harris

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