Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jaren’s 1st Written Letter – October 21, 2010

Hola Familia!!!
The MTC is Muy Fantastico!  I thought college was EFY on Steroids but it dwarfs in comparison to this great place.  The Lord has blessed me so much while I have been here.  He has found it best that I serve as the District Leader for my district.  There are 10 of us counting me, Elders Johnson, Johnston, Smith, Evans, Udall, Price, White, Mayberry, and Lunt. 
My Companion is Elder Johnson and he is a Stud.  I know that the Lord has brought him into my life for a specific purpose.  We are polar opposites.  I am outgoing, he is a shy guy.  But we both preach with, with a great spirit.
Spanish is a taxing language.  I come home to my residence hall every night with sore chops.  I keep amazing myself of how fast I am learning and I make sure to thank God every day.  Up to this point I can now pray, Bare my Testimony and preach some of the first discussion in Spanish.  I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but trust me it really is.
Side Note: We are not supposed to write letters on any day besides Thursdays (which are my P-Days).
Carson (Jaren’s College Roommate & Best Buddy) and I have seen each other one time.  It was just in passing so I was unable to talk to him.  I did however grab him into a bear hug.  He didn’t recognize me at first.  It was pretty funny (because of my short hair).
To answer the food questions.  Yes, there is a lot of food here and it is just like eating at a school cafeteria, Es no bueno aveces.  Have Haleigh try to translate that. (Haleigh did: It is not always good)  For the most part the Cereal Wall of awesomeness is true.  I eat cereal almost every day.  I mean let’s be honest cereal is the best.
I have some allotted gym time everyday and I usually spend it playing basketball.  Our entire district likes to play together.
Tomorrow a general authority is coming to talk to us at a devotional.  I don’t know who but the rumors are it is going to be an apostle.  I am so excited to hear from one of the Lord’s truest servants.
I love and miss you guys so much, but I know that all is well, and the Lord has blessed me more than I deserve.
God Speed
P.S. I am sorry that I haven’t written you all individual letters I promise to do better in the future.  Thank you also so much for the package.  I was hot stuff because I was the first to get food.  Thank you so much.

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