Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So powerful was the blessing…

From Peru this week
Yesterday, I had a super spiritual experience. Yesterday we have a missionary activity where all of the missionaries in my Zone came to my ward. We printed off a list of the less active members and we spent the entire afternoon visiting them. It was really fun because there are tons of less-actives in my ward. All of the missionaries paired off with members of the ward so that we could visit more people in a shorter amount of time. Just as a matter of luck (?) I happened to get paired off with the bishop. Well we quickly visited all the people on our list and had some time left over, so the bishop suggested that we visit this lady that he knows. So we did… I arrived at the house to find out that she was an 80 year old lady and was very sick.  So sick in fact that she cannot leave her bed. So ill that they took one of the hospital beds that inclines from the hospital so that she can sit up occasionally. She has some kind of progressive disease, they named it, but I don’t know what it is in English.  Anyway the bishop decided that we should give her a blessing… so we did. So powerful was the blessing… it was incredible.  It felt almost like electricity was in the air. In what I would guess was the climax of the prayer… he blessed her that well… basically… she would pass away. I have never been in a blessing where the Lord thinks that you have lived long enough, that the best way to relieve you from pain is to let you go. I didn’t know what to say afterwards. I was in shock… we thanked her daughter for letting us enter in the house and left… we walked back to the church almost not saying anything. We arrived at the church and gave each other a big hug.  I thanked him for letting me be a part of that experience. He smiled at me and said that it wasn’t him that wanted me there. I am so happy for the Plan of Salvation. I really do know that after this life God has a plan. We are loved by our father in heaven… he would not just let our souls wander around or come back to the earth a second time to go through pain and suffering. This is our one shot to prove our worth. Sometimes I think as human beings we take for granted that which we have. Thank the Lord; thank him for your blessings. If you cannot think of any blessings… OPEN UP YOUR EYES. I love you guys so much and I pray for you continually.
Elder Harris
By the way, side note, I have 6 months in the mission… that is 25%, one fourth… in reality I don’t want to be egotistical or anything like that but I speak Spanish. I can speak Spanish and understand Spanish at about 95% now. I am just expanding my vocabulary and working on little grammar things. I can read the scriptures in Spanish.
About the lunches… yesterday I had alligator… two days ago I had some fruit that literally has the consistence of boogers, and is super sour. A few days back I almost died trying to eat this nasty green pudding that they love eating here. All in all, ya, lunches are pretty fun. I like them… they are kind of an adventure.

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