Thursday, July 14, 2011

Q and A

Wow how cool it is to see you in those earrings in the picture you sent. I am always wondering about that stuff, if what I sent arrived and the condition that it all arrived in. This next week I am going to send a cd that has a ton of photos on it. Hopefully it will arrive without any problems.
So in response to the millions of questions Mom asked.
How is the work? The work right now is pretty hard we are trying hard to find new people to teach and we are having some success now and then. These things come with time.
How is my companion? My companion is the same old fart. I think that he is great, really funny and likes to have fun; makes the work a little bit easier.
What are you doing for your Preparation day (P-day)? Today we are having a very unusual event happen we are having a massive multiple zone conference slash family home evening tonight. I think that it is going to be super sweet because I get to see some of the guys from my group. I will be sure to bring my camera.
Are there any Holiday coming up?  (We asked this because we don’t always receive a letter when a holiday comes along.)  Well we just had a crazy holiday here. One of the major catholic saints had a “birthday” so there were crazy long lines of people in the streets yelling and holding flowers. It was pretty interesting to see them all and it made it pretty hard to teach because everyone was outside.
How is the food?  What are you eating?  The food here well… its food. Still lots of rice and chicken and rice and chicken and rice and chicken and rice and chicken… oh ya and a little bit more of rice and chicken and rice and chicken… and sometimes… they serve rice and chicken.
What else do you do on P-days?  This p-day we are going to play the national sport of South American.  Here in the South America they call it futbol, but in the United States of America we call it SOCCER. I am pretty tired of playing soccer.
Do you do your own laundry?  Well we have a place that does our Laundry for us. When I was in Iquitos the pensionista, ya, she did everything, but here we take all our dirty clothing to the Laundry mat.
What did you do on the 4th of July?  I spent the fourth of July… working… because that holiday doesn’t exist here! Hahahahah.
What is the weather like?  It is hard for me to remember that it is summer in Montana right now… nuts. Right now it is pretty cold, that’s only because of the humidity.
How is your health?  I have a cold right now but that’s all good… I would rather have a cold then be stomach sick again like I was in Iquitos.
How are your shoes holding up?  (He talked about black boots but we couldn’t find them at home) The black boots, Yes, we thought about buying the ankle high boots but we never bought them because I didn’t want to spend the money on them. So stop looking for them! The other dock martins that I took with me were… drum role… awful. They fell apart; I will send you a picture of them. It’s pretty funny. I have taken Uncle Joe´s shoes three times to a tailor because those too keep falling apart. Hmmmmmmm maybe the military has a boot that will last a little longer. I don’t want shin high boots, only above the ankle if that is possible.
Interesting side note… I say this with love… but… Mom, Dad you are just such a sweet couple of old koots. I love seeing pictures of you guys. It makes me super happy to see all the differences in you. I don’t know, I don’t feel like I am changing all that much, but you all are starting to look different to me. Maybe because I am surround by Latinos… or maybe I am just imagining things.
Well I am happy that Aubrei and John are still going strong. I hope that everything goes super well. I just keep saying the same thing every week but that’s because I really don’t know anything… that’s ok though.
I saw a poster for Captain America this week while I was on the bus. So as you can assume it was only for like 6 seconds, Looks cool.
I think by now you can tell that I don’t have a cool story for this week. I was thinking about what I could write about today.  I arrived at the conclusion that I have no idea. (So he answered all of Mom’s questions..Yeah!!)
Love you all so much
 Elder Harris

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