Monday, July 25, 2011

Asking With Faith

Wow it seems like the whole world is good right now.
We had a fantastic week. We have been working with some really great families and well, this week they all decided to come to the Church. We were so happy. We had ten people come. That’s a record for me.  One time when I was with Elder Paiz we had 12 people come, but we had two wards, so that doesn’t count.
Something fun that you don’t know is that every single day I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with two other missionaries other than my companion. The ward that we have is really big so we need four missionaries in the area.  The new missionaries just came.  One of them is a greenie from Missouri named Elder Frost. I have been having fun helping him learn Spanish. He is not very good at pronouncing the words.  It’s little by little at first. It’s been fun to think that I am not a Greenie any more. I am starting to get “old” in the mission. Not super old like 20 months, but wow, in like 15 days I will have 10 months in the mission. Sort of hard to believe that now I have served in the mission longer than I worked the summer before. I felt like that summer was the longest in my entire life. I guess I felt I was still pretty new in the mission but when Elder Frost came… I realized that I have a little bit of time in here. The real big gage we use here to know when you have served a lot of time is if you have served in the Jungle. It’s been fun to tell him, Elder Frost, all about the different things that we do there in the jungle and how the people are. I got him really excited to go there.
Oh, before I forget I don’t know how I am going to get another pink tie but I will try and I promise that this next Monday I will send the pictures that you want. I have a secret to tell you. I saw the blog. I was talking to Noe, my convert, and before I could do anything he opened it up.   Well, I saw it all, and wow it’s really cool. I liked how you put the picture of my zone up on the front and the part that has all the names of my companions.
The Zone conference that we had was super great.  I had the opportunity to see all of the guys from my group.  We swapped stories about where we had all been. It was really lucky that 5 of the 6 of us were there and all of us have served in different parts of the jungle. We all shared our experiences like we were experts in our part of the jungle. A cool part is that I served the longest in the jungle, that’s because I wasn’t as sick as they all got. All of them had to return to Lima because they were really sick. I think all of that praying we all did cashed in. 
Something that I have been learning really well here in the mission is that the missionaries are normal people too. All of the things that I have been teaching I have come to realize can be used not just here in the mission but in all of my life. Ok, I know that this is a little corny but here is a good example. I have been in a lot lessons now.  Every single time that we teach someone new, they always want me to pray. I have been praying.  I ask for normal things like bless the family with good health and with knowledge, bless them with work, and bless them with food on their table… lots of really normal things. I have been reading in Preach my Gospel Book and I found something really interesting that burned me pretty bad. There is a part in the 10th chapter in the Spanish version that talks about how we should pray. Specifically says that we need to pray with a precise purpose.  With a precise purpose that the investigator will understand what we are saying through the power of the Holy Ghost. The lesson that I learned is this… A lot of times I just have been thinking in my head that the Holy Ghost will come and help me because I am teaching, but we need to ask for the blessing before he can give us his power. In our lives we just expect sometimes the blessings from the Lord.  We need to spend more time asking with faith.
Learning Working and Slowly Progressing, Elder Harris

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