Monday, April 2, 2012

Wedding, Baptism, and Reception In One Day!

Hey good family.
Well I felt like I wanted to explode this week. We finally got the Familia Guerra baptized this week. What a super tough experience. I think I know what you mean mom when you were writing me about the stress in planning a wedding. We had to organize everything. We had to divide the ward in teams to decorate the church, help her get ready, people to go the municipality to finalize the papers, and then someone to cook food, and the cake, and to get them from point A. to point B. and then we had to have music and lights. We had to get the baptismal clothing ready and the fount filled and then we had to talk to all of the invited guests so that some other day we can go out and teach them and then we went flying to visit some other people in the night time.
            We had the wedding at 11:00 in the morning in the district build, then we came to the church to start the baptism at 1:00 and then we had a small but lively reception until about 5:00 right after the baptism ended. Looking back, I am super happy with all of the work that we did in getting the family ready, but in the moment, I was super stressed out.  I just wanted everything to go according to plan. I think that I have learned a pretty valuable lesson. 1. That I am really going to have to plan my own wedding way ahead of time and I need to think of how I can help others work happily, and 2. I have to find a really good looking, spiritually strong young lady that will be able to pull through. I think that weddings are really happy and really stressful. Well I’m super happy to show you all of the pictures the day events. I will be sending some pictures little by little for next couple of weeks. Thank you for sending me the Easter package. I haven’t gotten it yet of course but at least I can say thanks.
            Well how nuts is that Garrett is back. I know that in 6 months, we are going to have a super crazy big party and we are all going to laugh together with lots of hugs and stories and then more laughter and then we will go to sleep. Then we will start up again the next day. Don’t wait up for me I still got a lot of time to go.
           I am going to do my best to achieve my goals. I am going to try to do everything in my power to get those people that I don’t know yet to the waters of baptism so that they can receive the celestial glory.
            Well anyway I am super happy right now I really love the mission a lot and I hope that everything is really happy at home right now.
            Now second thought:  I know that my birthday is coming up… don’t buy me anything… don’t send me anything either. We can just celebrate my birth a few days late when I get home.  A little cake from Sam’s Club and best wok as a family. I would love that.  Save your money.
Love Elder Harris

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