Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Macaroni and Cheese

April 23 - WHAT NEW CAR?!!!!!!!!! A Ford Edge!
Well that is coolest thing I have ever seen. That car was super sweet. I am way jealous.
Well to answer some of the questions that you have about well….. Everything.
How am I feeling? Everything is really good I got over my cold that I was having. I think that as far as anything goes I am really getting a whole lot better because of the heat. The heat always keeps me sweaty which in turn helps me to keep thin. I guess there is an added bonus to being an easy sweater.

How are the shoes, and Clothing? Well……….. hmmmm I really could tell you the truth, that most of my things are pretty hammered but I don’t want you to send me more clothing. I am just going to leave a lot of the shirts and pants that I have that are not too bad so that other missionaries use them.  Don’t worry about the cloths what’s 6 months more of beat up clothing?
How is the cooking? Normally I have been eating a lot of top roman, macaroni and cheese because my companion likes that so much. The thing that I really miss a lot is hot sauce. That Chipotle Tabasco or another flavor that isn’t the original would be super nice to eat.

Have I taken any pictures lately of the ward and my apartment? To be honest I am really bad at remembering to take pictures I haven’t taken a new picture in a long time because I have just been so busy. This is one of the reasons that I haven’t sent to many pictures from Iquitos. But this next week I am going to send a picture of a really big surprise that I have to tell all of you about.
How much longer to I expect to be in Iquitos? It looks like I am going to be here in Iquitos only three more months. After that what president Blunck seems to be doing is he lets the Zone Leaders go back down to be District Leaders so that they can capacitate a new missionary from the CCM I hope that this is what I get to do, because I think it would be super great to have a little KID in the mission. MY FIRST SON

How is the Spanish? Well to be honest I think that I can finally speak the language. I understand well now and I can write and read and think and dream in Spanish.  I am still however expanding my vocabulary but more in the traditional sense.  For example if someone talks about a new thing that I have never heard of before, I just can ask them to explain what that it.

How is my companion? Good, we are really happy right now. We are finding lots of people right now that are helping to get baptized. We are look at this Saturday with a lot of anticipation I will explain why this next week because it is a big surprise.  We are getting along really well and we are now really good friends. I think that he is going to be with here for a good time more.

Are there any new investigators…. Yes there are lots and lots of new people that we are teaching right now. We are trying to get these people to accept to be baptized because that is what they all need the most of all the things that they are doing in their lives. Yet, we are still having some problems with one of the families that we are teaching.  The father is just not progressing like we want him to. He doesn’t understand yet. 
Adios, Elder Harris

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