Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Side Note

April 9th - Well hmmmmm….

      Well two thoughts… the brother in me wants to give it to the boy who humilated Saydi in front of others and made her cry.. Like there is no tomorrow and thank Haleigh for not letting this go by like it was nothing. However the missionary part of me thinks that it would be best to show an increase of love for those that we have chastised. (D&C 121:43) Forgive and Forget. I can summon up thoughts of a time in my high school life when my sister exposed picture of me to all of her friends for her English class project… I abandoned all hope thinking that I would never live the ridicule down. Really just thinking about it now, I realize that I worked myself up too much about what had happened, letting my relationship with my own sister become offended. Just like President Utchdorf spoke in this last conference…. When we have grudges or have ruthless thoughts about others we should just ¨STOP IT¨.  I encourage Saydi and Haleigh to repair, instead of extinguish, the friendship they have with another member of the Lord´s church. I know that I am speaking boldly, but where there is love there cannot be fear. (1 Juan 4:18)

     Well we had a pretty slow Easter here in Iquitos. It has been tremendously hot during the day and then it rains just about every afternoon. This last week here in Peru the whole country celebrates the national holiday of LA SEMANA SANTA (THE HOLY WEEK). Basically it is an excuse for all of the preposterous movies about Christ to be played on every single channel. This week, is the cause of literally all of the confusion the people have about religion. Every movie that these people watch that depicts the life of Christ is different, showing different baptisms, different miracles, and different teaching. All week long we had questions like ¨do you guys baptize with a lot of water or just a little water? ¨or ¨Was Christ just a revolutionist that wanted to start a rebellion against the established norm? ¨ Or the most wild of the questions ¨Just like God sent his son to be the Christ, will the Anti-Christ be the son of the Devil in the flesh? ¨ well as you can read, it has been a tough week. I have found a lot of comfort in knowing that for every difficult question the Book of Mormon can offer a precise answer. I am passionately in love with the Bible… there is a ton to learn from the stories and the teachings of Jews specifically in the New Testament when it talks of Christ.  Nevertheless I have gained a deep respect and admiration for the directness and sincerity of the truth found in the Book of Mormon.  When I say that I feel inspired as I read it, I am not able to adequately express my thoughts. When I read, I am filled with spirit just like Nephi. (1: Nephi 1:12)   
Well I love you guys a lot.

Side note: Erin Dobbins sent me a letter… just tell her that I don’t have a ton of time to write hand written letters and that she should go on a mission. I hope she will understand.

Side,Side note: I am super hungry for a super delicious hamburger from Chilis or Fuddruckers or from where ever really.

Side, Side, Side note:  I think the girls looked super cute in there Sunday clothes for Easter.

Side note to the Fourth Power: I keep showing the pictures that you send me to my best buddy here in the mission named ELDER EMETT… he wrote Haleigh a letter, he is going to try to send it off.

Another side note … You, mom, and you dad are looking pretty hot and young. I don’t think that you have changed at all. Maybe just that mom looks younger that’s all. Late 20s, maybe early 30s.     
Don’t worry, be happy.

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