Monday, July 16, 2012

Q and A

Wow this week just kicked me in the butt.

To start I will give answers to the questions.

1.    Yes I have received the pants and the shirts; I got it all, so you guys don’t need to worry about that stuff.  Send the card normally too with the contacts. I don’t have any so I have to wear my glasses everyday but that’s alright because my glasses make me look like SUPER MAN. So you know how that is.

2.    Well I am not having a very good time with my companion. We are having a lot of problems adjusting right now to the styles that we like to teach in. I am trying to find solutions. On the zone leader side of things, I am trying to get my zone to launch off the ground, but it is difficult fighting against laziness and the overall feeling of not being excited to work for the Lord. My goal is to lead by example and to start baptizing more and more and more people.

3.    The baptisms that I had this last week. We had a great week last week but it’s been a lot more difficult this week. We have a few families that we are helping so that they can get to the waters of baptism. We are looking at having least 10 more baptisms in these next few weeks.  I am hoping that we are going to be able to pull through this next month, August, and in September so that I can come home with my hands held high.

4.    Well I have now mastered more than 8 different types of whistles. So to be honest, I think it is going to be very difficult for me to adjust to an environment that doesn’t whistle at all. I just whistle for everything now. I am practically Jiminy Cricket… I am excited to show all of the little talents that I have collected here and there though out my entire mission.  However here in Lima we do more knocking than whistling.
5.    My new area is big and covered with Mountains but we are mostly sticking close to the church. I have found that this is one of the keys to success here in the mission. The people that live the closest to the church are the people most likely to go to church. And YES, mom, there is a ton of dust. There is lots and lots, and lots and lots, and lots of dust.

6.    I do have a new pension, she is the best one that I have had in my entire mission… that includes when I was my own  She cooks up everything that I love to eat here in Peru and she is always super happy and laughing. My pension and her husband are a younger couple that has three kids. They are both coverts to the church and they love the gospel a ton. My pension’s husband is our ward mission leader. The members still feed me the same things that I have been eating my entire mission………….rice and rice and rice and rice and rice and rice and chicken and rice and rice and rice and rice.

7.    Well my new apartment is really cool beans; I will be sending a picture of the apartment here in the next few weeks. Don’t worry… be happy.

Ok that is the entire list of questions.

Now I just want you all to know that I had a terrible well not that bad.  I am super nervous right now. Tomorrow President Blunck, my mission president, is going to come to my area and have a work visit with me. Wish me luck.
Elder Harris

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