Monday, July 2, 2012

Next Week

Well, I had a ton of stuff written but now I have to start all over again.  I accidentally hit the cable that connects the computer with the energy.


I promise that I had 2 pages of stuff that I had written and now I am out of time. I think that what I can do is write a short summary of what happened this week.

We had three baptisms they were a great because we helped a Mom, her daughter and a little girl from a different family get baptized. Their names are Mirella (the mom) and her daughter that is in the picture with her Julia.  Then the little girl that is all by herself is Grace.  I will have to explain more about them this next week.  We found these families from a reference that the grandmother gave to us. The grandmother is really great she has been a member for years but now she has the rest of her family in the church YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a really great week because we are working really had because I want to help a lot of people.
I will write a ton this next week. I promise
Elder Harris

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