Monday, June 25, 2012

The Work Goes On

Well the work goes on and on and on….

I love this work, the thrill of the first lesson and the excitement when they understand. I love the powerful spirit that can be felt in the baptisms and the love and hope given from the new converted people. There is nothing like the work of the Lord to get the heart pumping and the blood and boiling, (but not in a bad way but in a good way.)  We were able to baptise another family of three this week. They were super fun to teach them because I didn’t have to do the hard part. These people were found by my new companion Elder Leiva and his old companion and had had a few lessons already. We just had to give them the rest of the lessons that they needed so that they could be baptized this week.

They have a really neat story. Their names are Rosario (mom) and Darwin (son) and Nayeli (Daughter). They come from a super catholic family that has basically banished them from the house. When my companion and his old companion started to teach this family, about the second lesson, their grandma caught on to what we were doing and came in to listen to what they were teaching and well….. It didn’t end very well. The little gray opened the door, then she started to attack the church, and they basically ended up destroying the Catholic Church with the doctrine of the True church of Christ. The catholic grandma had a fit with her 35 year old daughter later when they left, explaining to her that we are followers of the devil and that we have 7 wives and that we worship Joseph Smith. Her daughter didn’t want to hear any of that and started to meet my companion and his old companion in the church instead of in the house, so that they could escape the wrath of the little old granny.  That’s when I come in. We were starting to teach her the rest of the way giving the Daughter Rosario and her two kids a good testimony in the gospel. Then this week they got baptized.

Wow, I am super happy that you guys had a great time in the JUNGLE of Montana. I hope that maybe once in a while you thought, wow, this rain is what Jaren had to walk in almost every day when he was in the jungle.  I love the rain a lot, but even more now that I was a part of it for so long.
We are having a great week this week we are going to play a lot of Ping-Pong I think because we have a table right in front of our house in the church. The both of us really like to play, speaking about my companion and I.  So…. I am going to become a super Ping-Pong master. I will defend the truth with my Ping-Pong skills of justice. LOL

Hey I love you guys a lot……

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