Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Heaven Would Not Be Heaven if my Family Wasn't There With Me!

Well they sent me back to Lima….
I guess that is what the lord wants from me at this time. They sent me to another Zone in Lima to be the Zone leader there. I think that my zone is going to be a difficult one. There are some big problems in the zone with the level of work that the missionaries are putting into every week. I hope that this will be an opportunity to pump them up.

I have felt like in my mission the Lord has always sent me to a place that has lots of problems so that I can find the solutions.  Like my last companion Elder Villegas would always say… ¨Elder Harris you are just a magnet for problems, but I can put my confidence in you that you will be able to work everything out.”

When I saw the apostles, I was really far away but I was able to see them because I am basically one of the tallest people there. (lol) They talked about the great need that all of the members in Iquitos have a current temple recommend, and that if they are all trying to achieve that then Iquitos in the next few years has a great big chance of getting a temple.  He basically told them that everything depends on them. That if they can start to double and triple the number of members that have current temple recommends then there is a sure chance of a temple coming to Iquitos. COOL BEANS

My new companion is from Chile… his name is Elder Leiva. He has one month more than I have in the mission so he will be ending his mission in September and I will be ending in October. He is a little bit odd… he likes to talk a lot, but has a very good heart and works hard in the field, so I am excited to work with him.  I knew him from before because I had talked to him many times at zone conferences. He comes from a good LDS family. He has been a member of the church his entire life and has 3 other sibling. He has two brothers and one sister. His older brother served his mission in Columbia so he is the second in the family to leave to go on a mission. His parents are converts to the church and are still going strong. He loves animals a lot… but not the normal stuff, he likes snakes and insects and bugs and frogs. He’s basically a less radical version of Steve Erwin.

My new area is called Magnolias…. I am currently living in front of the church… which is totally awesome. It is so easy to just run from the church to the house in like two seconds if I forgot something. I also am now serving in the Stake building. Just so that I can give you guys an idea of where is Magnolias it is right next to Wiesse… my old area… so that should tell you that it is way out in the middle of nowhere. My new area boarders my old area that I served in that is called Mariscal Caceres.  Mariscal Caceres is the ward that I baptized Noe. So I am excited to see if I can escape to see him for a little bit and ask him how he is doing.

It is official very cold here in Lima. We are passing through winter here which is really nice because I was really starting to get sick of sweating so much. Well that’s not super true. I love the jungle with all of my heart. So, I can’t complain too much.  I am excited however to have the opportunity to find new people here in Lima to baptize. It looks like this next week we are going to baptized 4 people. Then we have a few more lined up for the following Saturday. There is this true joy when everyone gets in white and the spirit comes at the time of baptism. I am sure that Dad felt that same feeling on this mission and every time he baptized one of us kids. It is a great feeling…. I tend to think about what Elder Holland said about the Celestial Kingdom ¨heaven would not be heaven if my family wasn’t there with me.¨

I really have been extremely blessed to have a loving Father. I know that I have been blessed because I can remember countless times on my mission having the voice of my father run through my head. I can remember the counsel that I was given and the many expressions of love given. Dad I will never forget the days of baseball and you being my coach, I will never forget the many times that you were there supporting me when I was in speech, I will never forget all of the times we snuck out of the house to have a boys afternoon. I cherish these memories with all of my heart.  I think that one of the greatest counsels that you have given me is to ¨always live in the present¨… meaning that I need to live in the now. That I should do the things that are asked of me in the here and now, not procrastinating, so that my future just falls into the place I want it to be. Basically living life without having regrets like ¨what if I would have done this….¨ ¨I wish that I had listened to….¨ ¨why didn’t I…¨.

I Love you Dad I miss you and I can’t wait to come home to tell you all of the wild stories of my mission, but don’t worry mom and girls I will share everything with you guys too.  

JUST KNOW SOMETHING SPECIAL….. I picked up something for all you guys in Iquitos…. But I got something super special for Dad. I know that he is going to love it. You will all just have to wait until I come home to receive the presents.

I Love you all ELDER HARRIS

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