Monday, March 21, 2011

It was a power out baptism miracle!

Well Hello from the mighty jungles of Peru!

It seems like the weeks really are flying by at an impossibly fast rate.
It is exciting that Aubrei is having a good time with John judging by Dad´s letter. Funny story.. So I was talking to one of my investigators, now convert, about my face book. He went and found it.  He looked at my friends/ family. While He was looking at my family, He found Aubrei and her profile. He then proceeded to tell me that Aubrei has a picture of John and her for her profile picture. He was so upset because one, He thinks that Aubrei is very attractive and two, he thinks that John is really ugly. Its silly how this convert thinks that John is unattractive, I want to see the picture because I am sure that it must be lies… hahahahahahaha

Well we had a baptism this week. We baptized Jhayner. He is a young and very little 18 year old rascal. I think that he is great. I was thinking just the other day about the first visit that we had with him. He lives in one of the pole houses at the bottom of Belen. He received all of the discussions in the house of Johnny (a member) because his family doesn’t want him to be a member. He actually was 17 when he received the lessons, and had to have a permission slip signed in order to be baptized. His mother told him flat out no and basically that she would not support him if he decided to be Mormon. She is a super evangelical and thinks that the Mormons worship Satan.. WELL I BEG TO DIFFER. So anyway we just waited until he was 18 and he told us that he wanted to be baptized. He came to church enough times and now he is a full on member. Yeah! This is one of the more spiritual baptisms that I have had because the best part is that an hour before the baptism the power went out. The baptism was at 7 o clock p.m. and well it was really dark in the church. We were really worried because if it is too dark to see we couldn’t baptize him. There has to be witnesses at a Baptism. Well everyone arrived including Jhayner and the power came back on. We quickly changed our clothing, performed the baptism, and changed back. Seconds before we sat down the power went out again. It was a power out baptism miracle. We laughed because all the pictures that we took with my camera we took in the dark but they look like they are in perfect light because of the flash. I really have a strong testimony of the power that can be felt at a baptism. When we descended into the water I just knew in my heart that this was the right thing to do. That he was making a powerful covenant with the Lord. I know that a baptism (by immersion) in the true form that Jesus Christ taught is our way to enter into the kingdom of God. All must receive this ordinance if you want to be saved. It is amazing Mom how many people just choose not to listen, truly this is a great source of sadness for me. I think that is why a baptism is so happy. There must be opposition in all things.
Explanation of the pictures:
Top of Page: The other picture is Elder Paiz  and I on the top of a member’s house where we were eating lunch. All that land in the background behind us is my area, and the Amazon River, cool. 
The three people are Jhayner, Elder Paiz and me at Jhayner’s baptism.

A p-day activity. Right in the middle of the jungle is a giant soccer stadium.. Latinos and their soccer. (Right now I am shaking my head). All of the Mission Zones came to play soccer together. It was really hot and I wasn´t feeling too good that day. I am in the center of the picture so all is good.

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  1. Hi, you don't know me but I am looking for Jaren's mom. I'm assuming she is the one who keeps up these posts. Well I know one of the missionaries in this photo, and I haven't heard from him in ages, and just wanted to say thank you for putting up this photo. Seeing my friend has meant a lot to me. If you would email me, I'd like to chat a bit.