Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just working hard to bring more people to the Lord

Family Hola and hello!
We were given permission to send three photos, I don’t know why but COOL BEANS!  It has been illegal to send photos in this mission for two years. President just decided to change the rules today. yaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this week has been really normal, just working with some new investigators and all that jazz. I have been a little sick this week too. Seems like this is the time of year to get sick in all the parts of the world (All the Harris family has been under the weather!).
I have put together a small package that I will be sending off today it has a few letters in it and a few other things that I picked up for you guys. Also it contains a cd with more pictures and movies which should be fun for you to see.
Well I was thinking that it would be nice to give you an update on things. First is first, I can, for the most part, speak Spanish. I understand and have the ability to speak back. I was thinking the other day that I should be at this point anyway because I have 5 months in my mission.
Amazing how five months have passed by already.  It feels like just yesterday that I was sitting in the house with my iPod in my hand, just working construction and waiting to be here. Silly fast!!...Time really is when you are not paying too much attention.  
Answer to Mom’s question: I did receive the valentine’s package three days ago. (Mom: Yeah! only a month late J)
Time here in Iquitos is really slow. Almost like Iquitos is 15 years in the past, pretty nuts.
Well a little about the weather, HOT with a slight chance of GETTING HOTTER.  All the clothing is holding up just fine, I have a seamstress that loves me and she has repaired a few of my pants but otherwise all is well.  
The ward here is great, really humble and really fun. They love missionaries here, we really are like walking celebrities, and everyone here has listened to the missionaries or knows about them. We are treated with a lot of respect.
We just got a change of Zone leaders and they are Fantastic. They are really cool guys and they work really hard and neither of them is at the end of their missions so neither of them is trunky.
Well as you can see from my picture, yes, I met with the president recently.
I hope you know that I love every single one of you with all of my being, and I hope that all of you are feeling better.
I have been studying in the Book of Mormon.  My plan is to study every single page with a new religious zeal. I will keep you updated at where I am. Right now I am in chapter 10 of first Nephi. Loving it cause I really like Chapter ten...it is the beginning of the vision that Nephi has with the angel. Good stuff. Read; think, pray.
Sincerely from Peru this week, just plain old normal me, just working hard to bring more people to the Lord, Elder Harris

A message from a friend in Peru..
Hello brother, I am your sons friend.  I’ m learning English with himmmmmm. You have a good son, brother.  We love himmm.  Bye, Elder Pedroza (from Colombia)
Elder Harris and his Mission President
Jaren finally feels tall
Monkey's x 4

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