Monday, March 28, 2011

Red Light or Red Sea

I want to share a super fun spiritual experience this week because I think that you will enjoy it. We were running late. At about 3:30 we were still in a lesson with an investigator that we starting teaching at 2. We were trying really hard to get out of there but it is sort of difficult to rush the spirit. Well we left and had to quickly run off to our investigator that we had planned for 3:00. We arrived and taught a lesson that lasted until 4:30, and had to run off to another investigator that we were suppose to meet at 4:00, as you can tell this was a large source of frustration. Anyway we had a super important baptismal interview at 5:30. We left the 4:30 appointment at 5:25 ran to dinner, ate at 300 mph, and then zoomed off to find the keys to the church. (All baptismal interviews are held in the church) well by the time that we got to the keys it was 5:50. The President of the stake had the keys and his house is like 4 blocks from the church. We just decided that we had to run or our investigator… a military man… A.K.A. super on time.  We began to run, shortly after we reached the first block, we realized that we had to get though the impossibly busy main street that always has billions of motor cycles and is super duper dangerous.  As we were running we could gradually see the monster coming closer and closer. That’s when something crazy happened. Just as we were running, without having to slow down at all, (because at this time we were running at full on sprint) the light changed. Literally it was a miracle. I have been on that street many times and many times I have tried to cross at that intersection, and many times... I have waited forever for the light to change. We crossed that street and ran the rest of the way to the church arriving at 6:08. The Zone leaders and the investigator were there waiting… and best part, Kendi, the investigator, had a class that night that he had to go to at 6:30. It takes almost all of 10 minutes to travel to his class from the church. If we were any later he would have had to leave. Needless to say we gave the interview, he passed, and we baptized him the next day. BAM!
            Mom, I am super happy that you asked me that question (questions about church)  because I have been meaning to tell you about it. I have given 5 talks now in a foreign language. I thought giving talks in English was hard; imagine what it is like to give a talk in a foreign tongue. Something cool happened with the last talk that I gave. The first four talks that I gave, I had completely written down everything that I wanted to say and I would have my companions look over them to correct the errors. Lots of laughs from Elder Paiz… but this last time I just winged it. I read a conference talk that was in Spanish before hand and then just went up to the pulpit and talked about what I felt and thought. It was awesome, I did really well and my Spanish was really good. I had a lot of people come tell me that my Spanish was improving. That was nice.
Elder Paiz and I have two wards so we have 6 hours of church every Sunday and we bless the sacrament in each meeting and sometimes teach classes. It´s fun.

The three pictures are of two baptisms... Kendi the really tall guy, and Julisa the really short and the other is a picture of the pole houses in my area. Elder Paiz took the picture with his camera because that area is really dangerous to take out my camera. I will do a better explanation of the baptisms in next week’s letter. 
Con Amor, Elder Harris

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