Tuesday, May 3, 2011

officially nothing really new

From the fantastical land of Peru today… there is officially nothing really new. I know that it seems like I have something special to talk about every week but in reality there will be weeks where the work is well… work. We are working hard to contact a ton of people in my area because right now we are not doing so hot. I really don’t think it is our fault. We haven’t had much success with baptisms and finding new investigators. That’s alright because it will be like this from time to time.
Interesting side note Saturday of this last week was the 200th day of the mission.  I know that I comment on this all the time but HOLY POOP the time goes so quickly. Not too much longer and it is going to be my day of birth. CRAZY SAUSE!!!!
So I was looking at those pictures that you sent me and I noticed two things. 1. Haleigh is lookin´ so dang… women like. Your face is starting to change. COOL BEANS. And 2. Saydi let me just say it this way “what a stinking cutie pie”… or in others words “ she’s a maniac… maniac… on the floor.” I think that by the time that I get back I am not going to be able to recognize my very own sisters. (Jaren’s older sister is engaged) That’s so stinking exciting with Aubrei… I have a question though are they engaged? I don’t know because no one tells me ANYTHING, Just kidding.
Ya so we are making our pre-call today I will be calling at around 6:00 my time so in other words… here is the plan… in the phone call I need the answer to this question do you want me to pay for the phone call here with calling cards or do you want me to use the international phone number thing. If you want the international number then please give me the numbers to use for that when I call.
Con Amore, Elder Harris
The first is a picture of ser post the place where I send you stuff.
The second a cool shot of one of the areas I was teaching the gospel in.
The third is me buying some of the best churros in the world.

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