Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Only Two People in the Room that had been to the Temple

To the Family that I love so very, very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well here is the super quick response to all of your questions. Life is great… the work is slow. We are teaching some families but we are having a hard time with them progressing, I should have two more baptisms by the end of this month. I am sending you pictures of my families. The next zone conference is not until next month so I guess we will see if I will stay here or go.
Just because I am thinking about it right now…I have been very worried about all of the birthdays coming up… and sending stuff from Peru and all. Basically it is really expensive to send stuff and to be honest I have been spending way too much money so I am just going to keep it with me… sorry, know that I love you the same. 
Today for prep day we are going to play soccer again. I am getting really good with my feet.
In answer to Mom’s question of stray dogs in Iquitos there aren´t that many stray dogs here. Well there is a lot but not a ton.
I am sending pictures of the wedding that we had this week.  The wedding was really strange for me because I had many thoughts running through my brain. First thought was of how the wedding was held in a large ware house. It was not sponsored by the church… so there was a lot of alcohol present, but our couple didn’t drink. It was really hard for him because before we started to teach him he was basically an alcoholic. He was really tough, and made it through the entire night… we have his baptism set for the 28th of this month. We will continue to teach him until then. So what was thought provoking was, my companion and I were the only two missionaries in this sea of about 300 people, I realized that as we were standing there in the middle of them all that my companion and I were the only two people in the room that had been to the temple. The only two people in the room that had had that spiritual experience, been privileged to enter into the Lord´s House. I really could feel the sadness that I know that God feels this week. All of those 300 people are his children. All of them were with him as spirits, accepted the plan and came to earth.  How great is the sorrow of God for he knows from the beginning that not all of his children would return again. I am really starting to understand that many are called but few are chosen. The second part was that I was trying to imagine what Aubrei´s wedding is going to be like in comparison to the wedding that I went to. Strange it was for me to imagine such a life changing event of my sister. The temple, the spirit, all the white, the reception, a large card board cut out of me!  I want lots of photos when the time comes.  I think that it might be your turn to send me a cd. I know that every moment will be captured by mom… so I am not too worried.
(We asked Jaren on Mother’s Day to tell us some of the unusual foods he has tried.  We asked him to make a list and describe what it tasted like.)
The list
Alligator:  Sort of like chicken, a white meat, but saltier. It is tougher too kind of like the difference between a buck and a doe. Doe is to buck as chicken is to Alligator.
Suri  (A plump worm): Feels like chewing on pure grisly fat. Tastes like someone vomited chewed up cream corn in a worm and then tossed in some juices from the sewer.
Siquisapa (Gaint ant): Big flying ant... you only eat the big ball that it has for a butt. It’s kind of like chewing on a sweet tart but a lot more… powerful.
Cau- Cau: This is the cow intestines. Super chewy like a fresh piece of double bubble. Mine still had all of the little intestine hairs on it. It was gross.
Charichuelo: Looks like a lemon but has little snot covered seeds in it, that are like eating 300 ZOURS all at the same time. Super sour but I really like it. The juices that you can get from it are yellow and they stain things permanently yellow. I love this fruit.
Camu- Camu: This is a little pink fruit that tastes like pure pink lemonade better than any you have ever tasted. A.K.A. DA BOMB
Boqichico : This is a fish that I are once at a members house. the whole entire fish was presented to me the head and all and the lady said that I had to eat the whole thing because it was expensive. Ya lots of little tiny bones. Not too bad the flavor just really fishy!!!!!!
Life is great!  Con Amor, Elder Harris

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