Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Peruvian Adventures

The land of Peru is full of mystery
First let me start by saying that this week there will be changes and it looks as though my companion will be leaving me. What do I think about…I really don’t know? I will really miss him. He is one of my the best friends that I have ever had. We have shared some very amazing experiences.  It is going to be hard to stay in the same area with a different companion. Don’t get me wrong I am super excited to start new adventures… I just hope that my new companion is super cool. I also kind of want him to be from Guatemala.  All of my companions so far are from there so I don’t want to break the tradition.
One of the families that we are concentrating on right now is the Familia Rios… this family is a little crazy.  We are hoping to get them married off here in June so that we can baptism them.  If it all works out we might be able to baptize the six of them. Pray that everything works out. They are a really crazy family.  He is a moto driver and she is literally insane… ok that’s not true.. she is just really odd.  What we really want is for them to get baptized so that we can baptize their 16 year old son and get him preparing for a mission.
My heath has taken a turn for the worse lately. I have a really swollen throat and a cough but no need to worry because I have taken care of it and I am now on the up side.
Our contacts are doing better… we have the goal to contact 100 people every week, the majority of the time we are above that but it’s just not enough sometimes. I now realize that you are asking about contact lens and not contact people on the street lol. They are just fine… I have really taken to wearing my glasses… I know shocker but I don’t want to have to buy more contacts.
You know what I have been really craving lately?  I have been craving some of those sweet tart jelly beans or those other nerds jelly beans… sorry I know that does not help because they don’t even have those any more.
Well now it time to talk about the mysteries of the jungle. Well in our home land of the USA we have many stories … vampires, werewolves, witches and headless horseman… but here in the jungle the stories are a little bit stranger. One of the more crazy stories is that of the Churichaki. The Churichaki is a large man that is mostly covered in hair but has large patches of pure bald spots that run throughout his body… he stands at a colossal height of… 4 feet tall and one of his feet (and it is always the left in all the stories) is just a large ball of flesh. In the stories you are being chased by a Churichaki because you can hear a thud every other step. The Churichaki is the guardian of the jungle and he has total control of the animals. The Churichaki has his special parts of the jungle. As the stories goes if you find the land of the Churichaki… it is perfectly organized and clean… not a single leaf or bug on the ground. If one were to contaminate this ¨cursed¨ ground the Churichaki will appear. Now this is the strangest part… the Churichaki never appears as himself. The Churichaki has the power to transform his body into that of a loved one… he then lures you into the jungle never to return.  The only way to know that he is the Churichaki is to look at his feet because the large ball of flesh that he has for a foot can never change. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! The other super interesting legend of the jungle that I am always hearing  is the Yamapuma. This is an actual animal, this is the name of the Black jaguar that they have here. This animal is basically the evil king of the jungle. The Savanna has the lion… the Ocean has the great white shark, the forest has the grizzly bear and the jungle has the YAMAPUMA!!!!  It is just as you can imagine a really, really big cat, jet black and mean. There are lots of stories of these cats in the forest.  They are solos, never together, and no one knows how more of them keep showing up adding to the mystery of the beast. They are supposed to be bigger than a normal jaguar but slender and fast. By all reports it is very true that they live in the trees and they pounce out of the trees to eat their prey. This is the only animal that the Churichaki doesn’t have control over because he too is afraid of it. The people here say that you can only find this cat in the deepest part of the jungles because it detests human beings and civilization. They really speak of it like it is almost a human being. Crazy sause!?!
Love ya and I will tell you more next week.
Next week on: Peruvian Adventures
Fishing in the Amazon!!!!!!
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