Monday, June 20, 2011

By the Power of the Priesthood

Strange event
Well I am extremely happy that you had a great stake conference and that you had the opportunity to learn a lot from it. The Lord tells us in Preach My Gospel that the fastest way for us to learn is to write, meditate, and study what is said, not just listen and it seems like you are doing that really well. I hope that Dad had a really great Father’s day and that he is happy. I was thinking about you, Dad, this week because one of the people that live in my pensionistas’ house brought home a pirated copy of THOR. Of course we didn’t watch it but, wow, I didn’t know that Natalie Portman was going to be in it. I am excited to have that movie day with you when I get back.
The strangeness begins…
This last week on Monday my companion and I were planning together at night for the next day.  As we were planning we came across an appointment that I had written down at 2:00. We thought nothing about it.  We planned to go and visit this person the following day. The name that I had written down was Gladis. We were happy and ready for a big day ahead of us.  When we arrived at the house at 2:00 I knocked on the big metal door and we waited patiently. Within moments after knocking a middle aged women stuck her head out of the window on the second floor. I then said that we had written down the address to this house and that we were looking for Gladis. She quickly explained to me that this was not the house that I was looking for because there was no Gladis that lived there. We were a little bit sad but decided that we should invite her to the church any ways…upon talking to her more in her general direction she disappeared from the window. My companion laughed and told me that she must not have wanted to listen.  We waited for a minute and then started walking away.  She appeared in the doorway. Again we explained who we were and that we had a message about Jesus Christ that we would like to share with her. She told us that she would love to hear the message all the while trying to step out of the door. I was firm in where I was standing which was right in front of her face basically and I asked if we could come into her house to share the message. She looked at me right in the eyes and said no. I thought that she was going to slam the door or walk away but she didn’t, she just stood there waiting for our message. I then felt prompted to ask… Sister is there something that we can do to help you. She looked down at the dirt and looked back up at me with an expression of fear. She then frankly told us that her house was possessed by demons. I looked at my companion and I found on his face a look of pure shock. She explained to us that for the space of 5 years she has been having people come over to her house periodically to banish evil spirits… and that this very day she was waiting for a preacher to come by and do whatever they do get rid of evil spirits. She said she was very tired of inviting people over because nothing seemed to work. All of the alarms went off in my head like I was shocked by lightning. One thought entered my mind… we need to enter the house and bless it. I looked back at my companion and his expression had changed too, from shock to determination. Right there in the door I explained to the sister that we had the power to do what she wanted… only that she need to have faith that two young men could do it. I must have been convincing because she opened the door for us to go in. I entered the house and what was a warm day was instantaneously cold. I felt shivers down my spine and my breath became short. This is no exaggeration; in reality I was having trouble breathing. I felt a nasty pressure squeezing my lungs together. I would describe it like going from day to night in a matter of milliseconds. We pushed forward into the house sitting ourselves in the living room. The sister at this point (we didn’t even know her name) suddenly puts her hand to her head and explains to us that a sharp pain was stabbing her. My companion then grabbed my arm and said we needed to bless this house right now. We asked her if she would get on her knees without explaining what we were doing, just that we were going to pray. I then dedicated the house. While I was praying I felt like I was getting sicker and sicker, literally like I wanted to throw up. I finished the prayer and the feeling vanished. My companion then stood up and more or less yelled: by the power of the priesthood which I hold and in the name of Jesus Christ I command that all the evil spirits in this house to leave!!!!   I felt like I finally pulled myself up from the bottom of the pool.
We then explained to her that the power of the priesthood has returned to the earth.  We told her we had absolutely no idea why we had her address but that we were extremely privileged to find her. She then explained to us that she too felt very different, that it was not bad but very, very good.  She wants us to come back. I would want us to come back too if I was her.
The power of God is real. I know it… without doubt.
Elder Harris

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