Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In the Hands of God

What a great week!
This week we had two baptisms. One is a man named Eder that I talked about before and the other is a girl named Yamilet. I think that I explained a little about her before but it won’t hurt to go into a little more detail. She is a story and a half. We have been teaching her for 3 months literally. It’s been really great because I have really been able to see her progress. We first met her was one day when we were just knocking on doors in the street. We began to teach her and she was accepting the gospel very quickly.  We were so excited because she grabbed her dad and they both showed up to church that first Sunday. We continued with the lessons and they showed up the next Sunday too. After that she got called to a job, she graduated and is a stay-in-house nurse.  Like one of those people that cares for old people until they pass away. Well she got called to that job and she couldn’t say no so she basically disappeared. We could only meet with her on Sundays at night when she was super tired. So the going was really hard. The teaching became super difficult because the lady that she was caring for was catholic. This lady would force Yamilet to say all of the catholic prayers and go to church with her in the wheel chair every single day. Yamilet grew to be very confused. She was always asking us questions about the Catholic Church and we had to show her all of the answers using the scriptures for her to begin to believe. Finally we arrived at a point of climax. One day she just told us that she quit, that she had had enough of that old lady and that she didn’t want to practice the memorized prayer anymore. That was a good start.  She began to pray again the right way and to read the scriptures. A few days later she came to us super excited.  She told us that she had received her answer and that she knew that gospel was true.  We excitedly challenged her to baptism and she accepted. At this point new problems began.  She told us that she wanted the consent of her parents to make herself feel good about being baptized into a different religion. Her Father, a super great man, accepted her choice and told her that if she felt like that was the right thing to do then do it. Her Mom on the other hand is one of those who believe ¨my parents were catholic, and their parents were catholic, and their parents parents were catholic people,¨ so needless to say her Mother couldn’t accept her choice. Yamilet became super bummed out. She didn’t want to go against her mom but she knew the gospel was true. So we fasted. All three of us fasted so that her Mom would feel good enough to accept her daughter´s choices.  Well three days later her mom had an accident. Ok, let me just say that I don’t know what to think about this… I think that it was in the hands of God or… I just don’t know, but she fell from the third story of her house all the way to the first.  She broke her knee.  She has been in her bed not moving for the last 5 days or so. Yamilet took this as an opportunity to get baptized. She was baptized and this is the pictures that I am sending you, Pretty crazy story right?
The other man that we taught is really awesome. His name is Eder. Super close to Elder and I started calling him that because I thought that that was his name… until he corrected me.  He is about 28 years old and is madly in love with his girl friend. They are going to get married in a year in the temple.  They are super excited that I will have the opportunity to go with them. That’s something that I didn’t know until now.  When your converts are able to go to the temple, if you are serving in Lima at the time, you have the opportunity to go with them. This story is a little less full of drama… We taught, He read, He prayed, got His answer, has a testimony, and BOOM IN THE AGUA.
A little bit of news from the Mission aspect. Well the next change is tomorrow. I will be receiving a new companion… named Elder Cisnado… and here is another shocker for you…      HE TOO IS FROM GUATEMALA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That makes 5 of my 5 companions Guatemalans. I am on a hot streak.
The thing with the packages. Yes, it is a super good idea that you keep sending them in giant zip lock bags because the box never shows up. It is always a different box but all of the stuff shows up without any problems.

Loving life and feeling great
Elder Optimus Prime                              A.K.A. Elder Harris

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