Monday, September 5, 2011

A Time For All Things

Well I am super excited that everyone is really happy right now even though it is really stressful there getting ready for the wedding. I can imagine that Aubrei is super stressed out too. Well I think that it would be really cool to see a picture of this card board cut out. I want to see how it turned out and all.
Well, something that I thought was really funny is that I was really wrong this last week. My companion is not from Guatemala, he is from Nicaragua.  I have been learning a lot about that place for the last 5 days.  From what I have learned is that the entire place is pure jungle. My companion lived in a little city in the middle of a really dense jungle in Nicaragua. I think that this is super cool because in reality he is from a little ¨Tribe¨. Ok, that is not exactly true, but super cool anyway.  He is from a family of 6 but he does not live with this family. He used to live with his grandparents.  He is in love with camping in the jungle and he loves it when it is hot outside. Which reminds me…the people think that it is cold here right now because it is supposedly winter. It just makes me laugh because it is not cold. I just walk around in my short sleeve white shirt while everyone else uses long sleeve shirts and coats. All the people in the ward have given me a nickname ¨el oso polar¨ or in English ¨the polar bear¨. My companion is always using his coat and all that jazz.
We had a really great experience this last week. We had one of the Apostles come this week to Lima. All of the missionaries in the different missions in Lima had the opportunity to hear him speak.  When we had the opportunity to meet with ELDER OAKS we were with only one other mission in Peru, that mission being Lima Peru east. The talk that he gave was awesome because it was more of a question answer session. He taught all of us better ways to rely on the spirit in order to receive clearer revelation. He made some really interesting points… one being that sometimes when we are looking for answers from God we look for him to respond in a way that we have pre-established. For example, let’s say that I wake up in the morning and I want to put on a pair of shoes. I have two pairs, one that is white and one that is black. When I get up and put on my clothes, to match and not look all that strange, I should put on the black shoes. In my mind I am thinking that I want to use the white shoes because they will be more of a statement. Yet in my wisdom I venture to ask you which pair I should use. You immediately say use the black pair. I then go out and put on the white pair because I liked them more. The moral of the story is this… if I was always wanting to put on the white pair… why would I go and ask you for your opinion if I already have in my mind that I will not follow you counsel. The same applies with God. Sometimes in life we come to God with questions like, where should I go to teach today, or what should I teach this individual? More than just that there are other questions, like father what should I study for this test or should I go this party? If in our minds we are not open to counsel because we are already set in our decision, why are we asking for help? The Lord will not respond to people that are insusceptible to the subtle whisperings of the spirit. We have to humble our minds in order to receive direction from the Lord. Another interesting point that he spoke about was that fact that sometime in the mission we will think about the future and what that will bring. Upon teaching us this topic he warned us that there is a time for all things. That as we approach that time and the Lord will revel to us that time… we can begin to think about the future. He made it very clear that for some people that this time is in the mission and that for others, it will not be until after the mission. He basically informed us that we need to stop being “Trunky” (ready to leave) and that we need to just have trust in the lord. That with time those blessings can be received if we are patient.  Ok I guess I should stop thinking about the future.
We had another baptism this week. Of a little girl named Lucero Milagros. She is super silly and reminds me a lot of Saydi because she is girly but has a wicked sarcasm. He mom is a member of the church but her dad is not. We are now in the process of teaching him… but it is going to be really tough because he is not married. I think if we can get those two married that he is going to be a really quick baptism. I am sending the pictures that I have of them they are a little silly cause no one likes to smile here.
I love you all a whole lot and I wish Aubrei the best of wishes. Aubrei just want you to know that I really do love you and I want to thank you for all the wonder conversations that we have had. You have always been a great sister and a good example for me. I know that now as you move away that you will start to make a whole storm of new decision. Please, please, please put you trust in the Lord. If we depend on his counsel we will live with this blessing. It’s Simple. I the Lord am bound when ye do what I say, but when ye do not what I say, ye have not promise.
I love you and miss you
Elder Harris

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