Monday, December 5, 2011

Brotherly Love

What´s up!!! 
I am super happy for Saydi!!! How awesome is that… that she gets to be a Varsity Cheerleader!  I cannot wait to come back this next year and see a varsity game with my two sisters, kickin´ butt and takin´ names. I am just super excited to have the opportunity see how much the two of them will have grown up during this short period of time that I have been gone. What can I say; I think you guys are kind of a big deal?!

So about our Christmas call! Don’t worry about it too much. Just know that I want you all to write down one question that you want to ask me and that way everyone can hear me talk and I can hear everyone talk to me. Just treat the whole thing with a lot of Love and I know that everyone will understand.  Just think this is the last Christmas before I come home so… the next one we will be talking face to face!

 Well we had another baptism this week. His name is Marcoantonio Castillo Tejeda, crazy big name right?! That first name is joined together like that; it is not a space mistake. He was really great to teach. One day he just shows up at the church… and says ¨Hi my name is Marcos and well, a little while back I was investigating the church. Now I want to get baptized.¨ That’s when a massive smile hits my face and I say ¨Well how about in two weeks?¨  He says ¨Great! When can you come to my house to teach me? ¨   Then I say ¨How about today? ¨ He says ¨At 3? ¨And I say ¨No problem how do I get to your house? ¨.  Two weeks later he gets baptized.  

HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, I LOVE THE LORD!!!  I feel like he was just gift wrapped to us for Christmas. A present directly from God that came pre-taught, and he already had a testimony. How cool is that right? Well it was really easy teaching him because he already knew everything and we focused on teaching what he wanted to learn. He was asking us great questions about some doctrinal points that I had a blast trying to figure out; through the Spirit we can answer any question!

Now that I am thinking about it.. I just want to say something to Saydi. Saydi, I know that you have been putting a lot of work into being a cheerleader and now you are starting to see the fruits of your labor. Please remember that all that we receive in this world comes from the LORD. You need to thank him and stay humble. I have been reading again the war chapters in the Book of Mormon because I have a goal to finish the Book of Mormon before the end of the year.  I have been learning more about pride and humility. The biggest problems came to the Nephites when they were in the time of happiness, because they started to forget about the blessings from God. They thought that they could do everything on their own but the Lord is our Strength. Please always listen and respect Haleigh. She has the experience and please always support her in all of her decisions on your team. Don’t ever go against her.  She may be wrong or she may be right, it doesn’t matter, always stick up for her.

Haleigh, I know that you too are working really hard on being the best you can be. Work with your sister in all that you do now. Share the spot light for a little bit longer. I know that it will make you much happier to have you little sister with you all the time, but don’t treat her like your little sister anymore. She is your best friend and should never be below you in power. The most difficult, tricky part about being a leader is balancing out your personal pride and your love for the people that you serve. To be a leader we must serve… that even includes your sister. Know that I love you a lot and I know that I really do miss you.

I love and miss all of you, but I AM A MISSIONARY OF GOD, I have been called… and I will serve.


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