Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Q & A Elder Harris Style

Question and Answer ELDER HARRIS Style
How goes the district leader? Any progress with the companionship you talked about? 
Everything is going better. The companionship that was not really working out all that well has still been giving me some trouble but I have found that with a little patience and a lot of love anything is possible
 Where are you spending Christmas this year?  What are your plans?  Did you happen to get your Christmas package?
 Well for this Christmas we are going to work. We really don’t get time off like the normal world. I think that we are going to go to a member’s house so they can feed us that day. She has invited us so that we aren’t just working all day long like normal. And I have yet to get the Christmas package because my leaders have yet to go to the offices.
 How are things holding up?  What do you need?  I thinking ahead for Valentine’s Day… socks? Shirt?  What are you craving?
 Well things are holding in there right now. If you know what I mean; a little more bluntly I look pretty beat in my cloths. Not because I don’t treat my clothing right… it’s more because of the wear and tear on a white shirt. Just imagine it goes through dirt and sweat and being washed by hand and all that not so normal stuff. So what ends up happening that the shirts come out stained or they come out ripped? But that’s ok because I have just been saying that it is my battle cloths. Though I have had to repair a few of my shirts, not all of them are that bad. If you are going to send me shirts send me the lightest weight, short sleeve shirts that you can find. I don’t want long sleeve… it’s too hot… and I don’t want heavy winter wear shirts made of pure 100% cotton. The light weight stuff is the best.  Whatever you do don’t send me heavy clothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well the socks are a different story. If you are going to send me sock… send me the toughest, beefiest and meanest socks that you can send. If you can don’t send the light weight, you can see the skin because they are so thin.
 Have you made any personal goals for the coming year?
 Well, yes lots of Goals... one of the major goals that I have made is that I want to be cleaner and more organized. I have decided that I need to start to become super organized. I have decided that what I want to do is become a doctor. I have yet to decided in what field that I would like to go into but that I want to be prepared for all that studying. I need to become more organized literally in all the ways that are possible… wish me luck. Another goal that I have made is become a master in Spanish. I want to know and study so well that I can go home and be a teacher, if I want to. I want to know how to speak perfectly…. So that I can take the Spanish test at BYU. So, I am going to study harder. One of my other big goals, I want to be a super doctrine master. This will come through much diligence and study…. and a lot of patience.  I have lots of other smaller goals that I will give you the heads up on my Christmas call.
 Tell us some of the customs that may be different tell us how they celebrate Christmas.  Tell us your feelings of Christmas?
Christmas is a little bit different. Here on the 24th of December they get together about 11:45 and then they wait for 12. At 12 they light, what seems to be thousands of fireworks and then they party until the next morning. They open their presents and all that stuff in the late night party. The next day they sleep. The same happens New Years.
What are my feelings about Christmas? Well I have two feelings… one I miss the Christmas that we have at home. I miss all of the traditions that we have. I miss the cold and I miss always making cookies. I miss getting new pajamas.
The other feeling that I have here is that Christmas is not so special here. I feel like for us as missionaries, time just passes super fast and we don’t have any of it to waste. That’s why we just work and work and work. I am not upset with that at all I like working, but the feeling of Christmas is not there.
 What is the spirit of Christmas but what someone can find in themselves. I have the spirit of Christmas!  I know and love Christmas because I always spent that time with my family. Just like the First Christmas, I will just have to make the best of it, and be very excited for the Christmas when I get back.

Can you tell I want more information?? :-)  
I think that if you stopped asking me so many questions Mom I would be a little troubled. I love you so much Mom and I know that I don’t do a very good job in writing all of the details… forgive me.

Elder Harris

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