Friday, December 23, 2011

One Night on the Bus

Well how fun was that!!!!!!
I was pretty happy to hear your voices. I thought that you sounded a little raspy if that makes sense mom. Just as a funny side note… about the I am starting to be more like dad thing, I think that it is going to be really different when we see each other again. We will have a fun time finding all of the differences. I don’t think that I have grown but maybe just a little bit. I can’t tell. I have been told that I look pretty skinny that I am getting skinner but I feel like I am fat so whatever.
I have this great new family that I am teaching. They are called the Tito Lazo family. We have been teaching them for quite some time now and I really like teaching them. We have been spending a good amount of time exploring my area. It is just so stinking big… One night on the bus we just were sitting there and I decided to contact this lady that was sitting right behind me. Well she turned out to be totally awesome and now I think that pretty soon here we might be seeing a baptism.  We have been teaching them a lot and they love us. There 9 year old son one day asks us when we are going to come back and if we could come back tomorrow. We had to tell him that we can’t come every day because his mom doesn’t want us there every day. That’s when the mom (named Rosa) chimes in and says ¨and why can’t you just come over every day? ¨ I looked at my companion and he says ¨wait Elder Harris why can’t we come over every day¨. That’s when I say, looking to Hermana Rosa….¨how about we come over tomorrow!¨ We have been visiting them almost every day… They came to church this Sunday and they are just loving the Book of Mormon right now.  They have had a lot of doubts about the Catholic Church that they attend… we have been helping them to see the simple truths and now we are really starting to see them fly.  I am pretty excited to see them progress even more. 
Well I am super tired. I have been sleeping on the floor lately in the house of Elder DIvis from my district because they are redoing the floor of my house. That’s been pretty dang tough … but I like being with my entire district because we have had the opportunity to help our Elder that doesn’t like to work. We have been doing practices and we have been trying to get him pumped up so that he works harder. I don’t know what else to do than to just love him… so I am just letting that out.
Side note…. I found out that Noe got into a fight and got banged up pretty bad… from what I have heard is that he was flirting with the wrong man’s ex-girlfriend. NOT A GOOD PLAN. I will let you in on more news.
Did you guys see the Christmas conference? I thought that it was totally cool that they are giving out all these new videos about Christ. I want to see them all just as bad as I want to see Planet of the Apes and Transformers 3… SERIOUSLY…. I can’t wait to see those video clips.
Well my Zone Leaders are telling me that my package didn’t come that it is not in the offices. Hmmmmmmmmmm I don’t know what to think?
The first photo is of the Christmas special then the next is the dinner we had with Marco my convert and the last is the picture of that service.

Elder Harris


  1. I hope you don't mind me looking up your son and using some of his pictures to put on my son's blog. My son is Elder Divis, the one from Washington, he asked me to tell you hi even though he hasn't met you. Your son has helped mine out a great deal and I really appreciate what he has done. Thank you for keeping up on a blog for your son. His letter has helped me to understand more what my son is experiencing.

  2. My son is the one on the bottom right in the picture of the service project.