Monday, February 27, 2012

Devin’s Mission Call

My companion and I have been thinking a lot this week about what it really means to be missionary, and for me to read about Devin’s mission call , I realized, I now know why we talked about it so much this week. What better time in my life to testify to my cousin about the great work that the lord has called us to do.  If I can say one thing about missionary work is that it truly is inspiring. The many experiences that we have in this time of the mission prepare us for something much more difficult… the rest of our lives. I have often thought many times since I have left for my mission what if I had been called to another place… what if I had served in China like I had always wanted? What if I had served in the United States and had to battle with all of the temptations of the modern world? As I have pondered these questions I came to my personal conclusion. The conclusion being… the Lord knows us… a simple answer yet eternally significant. Devin has been called into a mission where he will find his greatest potential, if he is willing to show obedience and diligence before God. I am so happy for him… because he has been chosen to fulfill a mission that I know that I am not capable of doing. That’s why the Lord sent me to South America. I know that he will have great successes on his mission because from what I have heard is that those missions in Utah are some of the highest baptizing missions because there is a lot of help from the wards. I would also suppose that because he will be speaking Spanish that he will be talking with the humblest people in that part of Utah… meaning another source of success found in people that are prepared spiritually for the message of the Restoration. What a great opportunity and learning experience he is going to have.

Our true worth in this life is measured by our obedience and diligence in keeping the commandments of God. We know that they Lord does not give commandments that we cannot keep. Every commandment is a spiritual treasure that we could enjoy and appreciate. The power we hold to choose our daily actions gives us the means to show our love for God and his children. I know that this choice that Devin made was stimulated by the Holy Ghost and the mission call that he received was brought by that same member of the God Head to a prophet of this day. The Lord teaches us this lesson with love in Amos 3:7… ¨Porque no hará nada jehová el señor sin que revele sus secretos, a sus siervos los profetas.¨ I really don’t know very many scriptures in English any more. I have tons of scriptures memorized in Spanish but not in English, weird. Anyway felt like I need to say these things so that maybe if Devin reads this he will know that the Lord knows best and his thoughts are not our thoughts… and that this is very good because the Lord only thinks to bless us and to help us grow.

We had another baptism this week… a great kid named Edgar Felipe. What a power house. We found him living in the house of an active member. We began to teach him the gospel and now his greatest desire to serve a mission for the lord and to give back what the Lord has given to him. In reality is almost an orphan because his mom left when he was little and his dad lives in another place that he occasionally visits, but he doesn’t live with them. I know super crazy, but I have learned however that they lord does bless those that listen to the message of the gospel. He had a girl friend from another faith and she told him that he shouldn’t do it that it was right, he told her that he was set and that he knew it was true and then left his house to get away from her. Later that same day he got baptized. Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! THE GOSPEL IS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!

Con Amor
Elder Harris

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