Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Go Back and Knock on a Door

Well the work goes on.
We had a neat spiritual experience this week that I would like to share.
We were walking in the street going from one appointment to another when my companion feels like he should go back and knock on a door that we had recently passed. I thought nothing of it because it is a very common occurrence to feel the need to go back to the house that you just passed to see what can turn up there. As we knocked on the door we had a man in his late 40s answer and invite us in without us ever asking if we could share a message. Of course we quickly accepted his invitation to enter house and we began to talk to him. His name is Jose.  He has been a evangelist ever since he married his wife. As we began to talk to him we were slowly coming to the conclusion that he just wants to argue about religion, but his arguments were not very well thought out.  After showing him some scriptures about the points there we were making his attitude changed a lot. He began to ask more questions about things that he didn’t understand and that he was unable to explain. We gradually began to win over his confidence. Now the house that we were teaching this man in was not very big and the rooms that he had were just pieces of ply wood that were connected with curtains.  What I am saying is that from any spot in the house our conversation could be over heard. Well without us knowing, the wife of this man was washing her dishes in the other room listening to our conversation. As we were reaching a climatic point of sharing the reason why there are many churches in this day and age she entered the room. From what the Brother evangelist was telling us… she is the reason why he has chosen to follow the religion he currently involved in. I have discussed the gospel with many evangelists and to be honest they become very frustrated and upset when we start to talk about prophets and the church that Christ established. Just like the man reacted in the beginning… I expected worse from his wife. Luckily, I was really wrong, as we began to talk with them both the wife told us that she had been listening to the conversation, and that something in her had said that we were teaching the word of God. She then BLASTED us with questions… she began to ask about how someone gets the authority of God to baptize, why is it that Sunday is the Sabbath day, how do we know if someone is a prophet, what is it that we can do to be saved in the last days… and many,  many more questions. I felt like a ton had lifted… like Nephi in this moment when he said ¨for when a man speaketh by the power of the Holy Ghost, the power of the Holy Ghost carrieth it unto the hearts of the children of men.¨” 2nd Nephi 33:1 After we had responded to many of her questions she said something that made me feel real good. She said that when she was listening to us through the curtains, that she ¨felt¨ more than she heard, that what we were teaching was the word of God, and that as we spoke to her she felt more and more peace.  My companion and I were quick to explain that what she was feeling was the power of the Holy Ghost given to those that have been called by a modern prophet. As we explained more, her husband came to be accepting more and more of what we were teaching, and talking to us about the errors that they have found. What a great lesson we had, seriously.
Well I am excited to talk to them more, because well, they are super great! We have a lesson with them today so I hope that everything goes really well.
Elder Harris  

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