Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Formula for Life

Hello, Hello, Hello, Familia,

WOW, Peru is the greatest place known to man, besides the fact that it is so stinking hot here!
Well the gospel is true and I can’t say that enough.
Here is some information on my companion. His name is Elder Urizar , and he is from Guatemala, AKA super cool. He speaks a slower Spanish than the people of Peru but I still think that he speaks it really fast. OH ya... guess what?? He speaks no English at all !!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes it is really hard to have a conversation cause neither one of us knows what we are saying.. funny. So while you are here in Peru you get to have two companions. You have your Nativo and you Norte Americano. The North American companion is only with you in class because we do not take classes with our Nativo companions. I took pictures of both of them and I will send them to you. It won’t be hard to figure out who is who because one is white/tall and the other is dark and short. Oh and in that picture with the North Americans, my companion is Elder Church (the one in the blue shirt).
SO much has happened since I was last able to talk to you. First thing is first, I went to the temple today, and the whole thing was in Spanish. Super Hard!!!!!, but really, really spiritual. I loved it. I had a blast because I had to ride the bus there and... Let’s just say in Peru, people do not have a 3 foot bubble. It is more like 3 inches or less. I was crammed right in next to a really short lady that was with her son in the same really, really, small seat. Also I was standing and I had to duck the whole time because the bus is made for Nativos, ergo really short people. I have a kink in my neck. ;)

Another really awesome thing is that my teachers are great. They are really nice and both do not speak that much English. So the environment is a sink or swim kind of deal. Just in these last 5 days my Spanish has increased almost tenfold. When you are in an environment where if you aren’t speaking Spanish no one understands what you are saying... trust me you start to learn a lot faster. I don’t know why. (Jokes)
Also another really cool thing, I ATE GUINEA PIG!!!!!! It was so good. Ok, so it seems to me like when someone is describing an uncommon meat they always say that “it tastes like chicken”. This tastes nothing like chicken. It was the most tender roast/pure awesomeness I had ever had and the sauce that they served it with was like tasting creamy spices of the best Mexican/ South American food I have had the privilege to taste. Literally I loved it. I cannot wait until I get the opportunity to eat some more. Also Inca Kola is the new drink of the God´s, It sort of tastes like a carbonated bubble gum with a slight South American twist.

So let’s get down to the nitty, gritty, the gospel is so simple to teach in English and I am convinced that is why the Lord wants me to teach it in Spanish. It is so tough some times to say what you what to say, but you don’t have the words to say it. I have changed my personal study to something similar to the movie “The Other Side of Heaven”. I just place my Spanish scriptures next to my English ones and read it one sentence at a time. Trust me it really works. If you ever want to learn another language, this is how it’s done. Pray for help and start reading the scriptures. Now that I think about it this is also the formula for life, pray and read the scriptures. Funny how these things tend to come full circle. So if you have any questions for me the best thing to do at this time is to email me because mail is really, really slow. I have also sent you a letter with other thoughts in it but it won’t get to you for about a week or two sorry. Just know that I still love you. I love you all and miss you,
Con amor Elder Harris

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