Monday, December 27, 2010

Wave of Love!

Hola from Peru.

OK!  So fun stuff to think about..First, this is my first Christmas without my family and that also means that I only have one left. Second, if you don’t all know I have been typing this from a Spanish keyboard crazy!!!! Third, I am sending a surprise home that you will all get to see. It should be neat.

Another cool thing that happened to me, I have eaten some really strange things.. For example Chicken feet, Guinea Pig, about 600 different types of potatoes and every fruit you can think of literally.  The best however is when I can walk about three steps in any direction and there is an ice cream man. Fun fact: there are people here that are vendors on the street. Every vendor on the street wants people to come and buy from them, so they all have different whistles and calls that identify what they are selling. For example the ice cream man has a crazy high pitch whistle and blasts it three long times, where as the knife sharpening man (no joke) uses a horn and honks it in a short and fast way. Literally all the vendors make different noises so the streets are really loud. lol I like it cause that’s how I know what stuff they are selling.

Ok so about Peru... about Canto Chico... well honestly I really love the people here. The more I spend time in the city, and the more time that I spend inside their houses, I find that I cannot help but feel love for these people.  The other day we entered a house of an investigator (this home was in the side of the mountain and we had to climb the face of the cliff to get to It.).  Very quickly after we had entered she told us in Spanish to sit and wait. So of course we did... after a few minutes she returned and brought us a mango and cut it up for us to eat. Now this women was one of those people that pretty much has nothing, some people live in houses with real dirt floors and barely a roof over their heads. I am telling you as I sat there and watched three cockroaches run past her legs (no exaggeration), I never felt so much love. This poor humble woman giving me all that she had to offer and her excitement to hear the words of the lord. Literally this is the first time that I have felt the Love of God almost physically transfer to another person, through the spirit. When we spoke to her I could feel the love of God like an overwhelming wave of water. One of the coolest feelings I have ever felt. Lots of times in letters I talk about experiences and my testimony, for all those that read this, know that with all my heart, I know that God loves you. God wants nothing but to have his children return to him worthy to receive eternal life¨... which gift is the greatest of all the gifts of God.´´ There are five principles that the world needs, faith in Christ, repentance, baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. With these five things we can return and live with God. The Lord Knocks at the Door, are we prepared to let him in?
Con amor, Elder Harris

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