Monday, October 17, 2011

I became a parent before Aubrei!!!!!!

Hey family,
Well you didn’t say anything about the letter I sent last week maybe it was really bad and nobody like it.  Crap, I will have to send you a better one soon. Hey just while I am thinking about it I would like you to apply me for both Provo and Idaho in the future.

I feel like sometimes you must think that my life here on the mission is all flowers and unicorns, but to its not. I have been telling all of you about the great and marvelous things that happen here… all of the wonderful spiritual experiences. I have been thinking about it a lot lately and really I can make a comparison. Nephi wrote two different sets of plates one that was the actual history of his people and one that had all of the spiritual experiences that he had. Well I have exactly the same here… I tell you about all of the experiences that I am having through email and writing all of the things like, we visited this family today, we ate this today, and I almost got bit by a dog today, in my journal.  I would call this literally applying the scriptures in your life. I feel a little odd sometimes that I have a fan base. Hahahaha, that just seems silly for me to write (fan base). To be honest, I think you guys are lying to me just so I’ll write more and more every week. Well this week was really tough… we have been spending a ton a time running from mountain to mountain. Like I explained in a previous letter… the area that I am now in is the biggest in the entire mission.  It is massive, we have to use a bus to get from one place to another, and it’s so big and undeveloped there is no light in some places at night.

So in other words…Lima’s a city that is basically covered in SMOG all the time, at night doesn't have street lights and sometimes we can’t even see the moon. SOOOOO in other words, we literally walk in pure darkness. It is so dark we have a really hard time finding our way back. At night we have to find a major road… or sometimes we have to get on our hands and knees to climb down a mountain side.  This new area is a huge challenge. My last area the biggest obstacle was ¨finding time to teach all of the investigators¨ here in my new area its ¨find the houses that have lights and hope you can find your way back to the house after teaching¨.

My new companion is a really great guy. He teaches the gospel very well and has a great spirit about him the only problem is that he is a little impatient. I am only his second companion, so that makes me his ¨Step father¨. I cannot remember if I explained this once already but… your first companion in the mission is your ¨father¨ your second is your ¨step father¨ and the third is your ¨uncle¨ but not a lot of people use that. But if anyone is counting I became a parent before Aubrei!!!!!!

A cool spiritual experience… we climbed a huge mountain and when we were way up there we found a house knocked on the door and out came a really big lady. Her name is Delia and in that moment she beckoned us into her humble house almost without asking our names. Once inside we began to teach her about the gospel.  She was so happy to hear our message that she smiled brilliantly throughout the whole lesson. We got to the part about Joseph Smith and we explained the scripture in James 1:5. After reading the scripture with her, she exclaimed ¨Now I understand! The night before I was asking god to send me the truth, because I have been confused for so long, and look what he did!! He sent me two of his angels to give me the truth. Wow, God works really fast.  We laughed and explained to her that we had originally climbed the mountain to look for another investigator but they weren’t home. (This was unusually because it was a set appointment and they are always home). Upon finding ourselves without a plan we just wanted to knock on the door of house that was close by, and that’s when we met her. We have another appointment with her his week… I will keep you updated.   

Well I hope that everything goes really well with Haleigh´s project and that she gets a lot of dresses… but she needs to really be careful with the dresses that she gets from others… specifically the dresses that I like. (Those being the dresses that belong to the girl that I took to prom.) Speaking of her I sent her a letter ages ago and never got a response……………………………. Hmmmmmmmmm……………..

So what are you and dad up to? Are you excited for your birth day…? I am sending you something special. I hope it gets there before your birthday.  Did you get around to sending off the shoes… I love you.
I miss you, love you, and hope that all is well.
Elder Harris

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