Monday, October 31, 2011

Victoria and Isidro… and Aldair

Hey family
What a great week. Well I am super happy that you have the package that I sent. Just a heads up that necklace is made from PURE SILVER. I was talking to a lady and she explained all of the different metals that they have in South America and there being more here than in the United States, it is a lot cheaper. The necklace is made from real silver of the highest quality… I was afraid that it would be too small for you to wear because it is not very big. But, I am glad that you like it. And it is always really cool to see you wearing it in your photo.
I didn’t even know that there was an earth quake until you told me… I didn’t feel anything
Well we had three baptisms this week. We baptized two older people that I love with all of the tenderness of my heart, and one really little that I also love to death. Their names are Victoria and Isidro… and Aldair. 

They are super fun. I explained a little about Victoria and Isidro, but just in case, they are brother and sister. They live together in the house of a member.  We have been teaching them for more than 4 weeks now and they finally got baptized. They both cannot read and write so it has been really challenging for them to understand the gospel. Yet the lord has blessed us with the challenge and we got there. I really loved teaching them because we had to teach them so slowly and simply. It forced me to teach the gospel in a new way so that they had the ability to understand. Many times we had to wait and teach something again so that they could understand the importance and not just memorize that we were saying.
Aldair was a lot easier be was simple and basic. The best part was that he was able to capture more of the lessons… he is only 9 years old. We taught him in a way more complicated than my two old people. Just imagine the irony of that. I don’t have very much time today so I am sorry if this isn’t very long but next week I will explain better their stories.
Tomorrow we are going to go to the temple so I will send you pretty pictures next week.  
Hey I love seeing the pictures and I have not gotten the package yet… because my leaders haven’t gone to get it yet, but don’t worry it will come. I love you all and I hope that you had a great birthday mom.
Elder Harris

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