Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mix Between a Pig Snorting and a Hiccup-ping Baby

Hello familia and amigos,
Wow tons of time since I last had the opportunity to talk with you. I think it was exactly one week ago. Maybe I am wrong. Well life here in the mission has been really a whole lot of the same. I think that is a good thing because it’s really spiritually up lifting.
Well about the shoes… just send them both at the same time if you can. I suppose that it would save you money anyway. All of the things that I get from Vanessa come without any problems. I am excited to get them… I really need them.
Well I found out some really interesting news. This next Tuesday… there is a really big chance that I will be going back to the jungle. It looks as though I might be going to a different part of the jungle. There are a lot of rumors going around but I guess we will see. This next week I will find out the specifics.
The other day we were walking in a big market center area and came across what I thought didn’t exist here. A movie theater!!! I had seen some different signs to movies and all the people that are young talk about that stuff… but here in front of my very eyes I could see so many things. I am super pumped to see a lot of stuff. I feel like coming home to all these movies is going to be like one of the really big gifts I get after my mission. Of course I am not really thinking about receiving gifts or all those movies that I am missing because I am doing better stuff right now… but I doesn’t hurt to get a little excited.
We had something cool happen this week. We have been teaching a family about the restoration.  They had a ton of questions about the plan of salvation. Well, we begin to teach about the plan of salvation and they liked it so much they we all starting laugh. I really don’t know what happened.  We were talking about Adam and Eve and how everything was really just a part of the plan that god had, and how Christ was sent to the earth so that we can receive this forgiveness for our sins. Somewhere in the middle of explaining these things the mom was so happy, because so many of her doubts were being resolved, she began to laugh. When she began to laugh it was like a chain reaction, I couldn’t help but laugh a little because her laugh was so silly. The only way that I can describe it was like a mix between a pig snorting and a hiccup-ping baby. We all had a really great time. They still have a problems coming to church because they have to work on Sundays but I think that the family is going to get baptized.
Well I ate something that I really liked this week. It’s called Papa Rellena. Basically it’s a mashed potato mix, which they put back into the form of a potato and then fill up with meat and onions. Then they deep fry it.  I AM IN LOVE. I think I have forgotten what it is like to eat really delicious food.  Sometimes I cannot even remember what the house looks like. I think I am getting old.  Speaking of feeling old, I am definitely my father’s son… if it comes to hairiness, and handsomeness that is….. hahahaha.
Well I am excited for next week to see if the lord wants me back in the jungle.

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