Wednesday, January 11, 2012


What is a happening to me!!!!!!!!!!!

Well what a super crazy week… we had this week something called the ZONE COUNSEL. In the middle of the week on Tuesday.  I got back on the plane and flew back to Lima with my companion. WOW and when we were there we had a meeting with all of the Zone leaders in the entire mission. We stayed overnight in the house of one of the Zone leaders in Lima and in the morning on Wednesday we had our big meeting. It was really hard, right now in the mission we are struggling with what is called el conformismo, or in English conforming to mediocre. The general thought process is that if you can get one baptism or two baptisms in one month then that is enough… you did your work. The President wants us to work with a righteous ambition, and not just be satisfied with the minimal. Haven’t I heard the same story my whole life. We are now going to strive to teach our Zones what it really means to have the heart of a missionary and work with all our heart, might, mind and strength.  One of the best parts of the reunion is that the president called up chili’s and bought tacos for all of us. YAH!!!!!!!!!! Tacos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost died because it was like a flavor EXPLOSION! My tongue has been so used to the RICE RAMPAGE that as I ate the GLORIOUS SWEET CHILI TACO SAUSE, I felt like I jumped to a different planet. So in other words…. I REALLY REALLY WANT TO GO TO CAFÉ RIOS. I think that it is winning right now in the food that I want to eat when I get back.
Cool story however this last change Elder Bonilla (my favorite companion) also was made Zone Leader. So for the first time after 8 months I got to see him. It is super cool we talked and talked about all of the crazy stuff that has been happening and how we never thought we would be zone leaders and how much we miss being in Mariscal Caceres, we just had a great time. Then on Wednesday night we flew back to Lima it was raining pretty dang hard when we showed up, but I really like the rain.  
So I think we have lots of work that needs to be done here in the field we just need to start to make our missionaries more excited to get it all done. Really, to be honest, I am excited because I am starting to understand my companion a little bit more, and I am starting to like him. Just like you said mom I think there is a key to every person, a key to making them happy, and I’m pretty good at helping da peoples with their duties. (Say this with Nacho Libre accent)lol
Well I would like to finish my generals at BYUI and then go and make a transfer to PROVO.   I was also thinking a lot about what I want to become and ladies and gentlemen…………… I have come to the conclusion………… I am going to dedicate my time and studies to become a DOCTOR. I have decided that I really want to push myself to the limits doing something that I think will be very rewarding.  I know that I have the potential to do it so I want to really live up to that potential. I think that on the other side of this same equation it will be difficult for my family in the beginning but it will be a great way to set them all up with everything that they need in the end.  The decision of what kind of doctor I want to become had yet to be made up the path is now in sight and the goals are beginning to form.
Next week I will send some really great pictures of animals and stuff like that. 

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