Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Hey Family, WHATS UP?!
Hey, I don’t know what happened this week but I didn’t get anything. I hope that everyone is ok and that no one is hurt. I am a little bit worried. Mom you have always been super consistent with all of the emails that you send me. (It was Martin Luther King Day, Mom thought she had plenty of time to write but Elder Harris sent his letter before 8:30 in the morning and missed hers.)
My week has been totally crazy. We have been teaching a lot of really great people that have a lot of different needs.
One of the highlights of the week was teaching a man named Mauro… he is about 55 years old. What a stud. The first day that we met him we were on splits. My companion found him just walking in the street. He invited him to come to church and to listen to our message. Now he is getting baptized this next week.  Cool beans. He loves to talk about the gospel.  He sits and listens.  Then he asks every question that you can think of.  We respond and teach.  Then we just sit and listen to him talk to us. He has had so many experiences. He has lived in Iquitos his whole life and he is a river rat. He lives right on the river.  Even as a 55 year old man he goes out and swims. He is as tough as nails.  He is a living testament of the Word of Wisdom. He doesn’t drink, he does not smoke, and he eats pure rice, fruit and vegetables. In other words the man is A MIRACLE. He is one of the first people that I have met here in Iquitos that doesn’t break the word of wisdom. Dang, fetch, oh my heck, what the holy scrub!!!
Well I did have to do something heart breaking & sad this week. One of the missionaries that was in my zone has been breaking a lot of the rules.  He hasn’t been telling anyone about it of course. Well his companion gave him up this week. We, in secret, went to his house when they weren’t there, and found all of the contraband items that he had. We had to call the president. He was emergency transferred. I am very happy that I have always been doing my best to keep the rules. The consequences can be very devastating to not only you but also to others.
This last Monday we went to Quistacocha.   (Change of subject) I want to start to talk about something happier. We got to see a really big snake… I took a picture with her.  We took a bunch of other really cool pictures. I hope that you like them. Quistacocha is a zoo that they have here. I explained it to you everyone about 8 months ago but anyway it’s really open. All of the animals you can basically touch. I think you may be able to see that from the videos that I sent a really long time ago.  The place is really cool. Well I took some new pictures of the place so that you  could have a super sweet picture to put on the blog.   
Well I am convinced that I have been blessed by the Lord. I have been thinking about my mission.  I have come to realize something very interesting. When I first arrived here in Peru I was dying of heat in Lima because we were just moving into summer. Then I got transferred so that I had the opportunity to pass most of the summer (or rainy season) in the jungle. Right as the summer season was ending in the jungle they sent me back to Lima so that I could hit the winter season there. Now that the winter season has died away in Lima…I was sent back to the Jungle during the summer or the time in the jungle when it is less hot. HMMMMMMM I think that the Lord knows that I do not work well when there is a ton of heat!!! THANKYOU GOD.. YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!
I Hope that everything is all good and that everyone is happy.
Love Elder Harris

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