Monday, January 23, 2012


Three Baptisms!!!!
What a fun week.
Here in Iquitos the missionaries are like walking celebrities, most of the time we are the ones that are running the wards. For examples; if someone wants to have a blessing to get better, or wants their child to get baptized, or they don’t know how to give someone the gift of the spirit. WHO YA GONNA CALL…… LOS MISIONEROS!!!
We have been doing a lot of things this week to bring up the activeness of the ward. Yes, anyway we have been doing a lot of work trying to get one of my wards to get active again. They have not been doing so well, but we have seen some large achievements and improvements. We have been having a ton of activities and trainings with the members of the ward. We have spent these last two weeks going to the church every night so that we can train/teach the members how to invite someone to read the Book of Mormon.  We also have been training them about how to do home teaching.  This week we had a great meeting in the church on Sunday.  After church was over we had all of the members that came hit the streets with us.  We went and visited a bunch of less active members.  We had some of them promise us that they would come back to church.
Well this week we had the opportunity to baptized 3 people. I will write about Danilo first. You will see him in the photo of just him and me– solos.  Mauro is the man that is a super old gentleman.  Bertha  is the only lady. It was really fun to teach all of them.
Danilo is a very lonely man that needed the gospel more than he can even imagine. One day we were just walking on the street, finding people to teach, and we contacted him. What a great experience, he accepted to be baptized the very first moment that we met him… two weeks later (BAM) we went straight to the water.
Mauro is the exact same story just in a different place. We just found him talking to different people on the street and then after teaching him a little bit of the gospel he accepted to be baptized.
Bertha she is the best one of them all. Bertha is a single mom of 7 children. None of her kids live with her now.  She lives by herself. We received her name from a friend of hers. After setting up a time to meet with her we found out that she had been looking for a very long time for the true church of God. We explained to her the message of the restoration of the gospel and what happens?  She accepts to be baptized. YAHHHHHHH!!!
These three people were prepared by the lord to receive the message that we have to give.   I almost feel like I didn’t have to do anything to convince them of the truthfulness of the gospel. They came prepackaged with gift wrapping.
The work of a Zone leader is really hard.  I have been spending a ton of time thinking about how I can help the zone to be better. I have found that the best way to teach someone any principle is showing by example. I think that this is one of the biggest lessons that I have learned on my mission. HE, who has taught us the most in this life, never said ¨THIS IS WHAT you should do and this is the only way. Listen to me and I am the only one.¨ Our Savior leads us down the right path by his example of love and charity. He even said ¨be perfect like my father and I are perfect.¨ I think that this is one of the lessons that if I righteously apply for the rest of my life others with have the opportunity to grow and will find their inner potential. Now that I think about it, I really do understand the phrase ¨Lead by example¨. I am striving to be my best so that others will receive the strength to carry on.
Sorry that the 49s lost this week. It is super cool that you all have matching 49 gear. I really like all of the red.  Thank you for sending all of the pictures of the house…I like seeing the big screen. Lol
Sorry Mom if I gave you the wrong impression about not writing me last week… I hope you don’t feel bad. I was more worried that something had happened in the family. I know that sometimes it will be very hard to write all of the weeks of my mission, but thank you so much, Mom, for all of the dedication and love that you send every single week.  What would I do without you?
Con amor,
Elder Harris

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