Friday, November 19, 2010

"Elder Harris stop being dumb"

Hola mi familia y amigos.
Como le va?

I have had a fantastic week this week. First thing first, I am no longer sick. I feel fantastic and I thank everyone that has sent me letters wishing me well. I know that the Lord will bless you. Second this week was the first week that my companion and I got to teach the first lesson all in Spanish. WOWOWOWOW it was really, really hard, but the Lord pulled through for me, because he is the man. My companion, who is struggling with the language, had a hard time but in my personal study this week I spent a lot of time working phrases and vocabulary that I wanted to say. I know that when you prepare yourself the spirit will bring all that you studied to your remembrance. So Haleigh and Saydi study hard and then pray to the Lord so that he will allow the Holy Ghost to bring all that knowledge to you mind. I promise it works. Our district has now made the goal to no longer speak in English, and I have quickly learned that Spanish is all about the verbs. If you know the verb you know the context of the sentence. All the other vocab is not really all that important. Any way back to the lesson, so during the lesson I was just talking in Spanish to the investigator, when all of the sudden a scripture came to my mind. We were talking about the importance of prayer and how prayer is a direct communication with our father in heaven, the investigator who has never prayed like we do, because he was catholic, said that he was unsure of why it was so important. I then, like I said before pulled out of the air (well the credit be to the spirit) a totally awesome scripture. The scripture can be found in the book of Mormon in Enos. Chapter 1 verses 5 and 6, this is the point in which Enos, having extreme faith asks the lord for forgiveness of his sins. The Lord then answers and tells Enos that his sins are forgiven. I have read this passage before but the power of the spirit...... was INSANELY strong and I bore testimony to him that he could have answers to his prayers, maybe not in this exact way, but we can have that exact same feeling and testimony that Enos had. I Explained it better the first time I apologize, but....but the best part was that I didn’t say any of that in English. I related that entire principle the SPANISH!!!!!! After the lesson I learned one of the most valuable lessons that I think I have ever learned. After God gives you a gift, thank him. I have seen the effects of not thanking him. NOT in this situation, I thanked him seconds after I spoke (while my companion was talking) and later that night... But I realized that... we should all look at all these wonderful things that God gives us every day. God loves us so much and gives us almost anything that we want and what are we if we don’t thank him for those blessings. In a talk given by a member of 70s Kevin W. Pearson said something that I think will stick with me the rest of my mission if not my entire life. He said "if we are awake 16 hours in the day working, how many of those hours did you work as a disciple of Jesus Christ." This statement blew my mind, because as a representatives of Jesus Christ what are we but impostors if we do not follow the master and show his great example. I love this church, every time I seem to get a little doubt in my mind the Lord humbles me and tells me bluntly,
"Elder Harris stop being dumb"
Well I have covenanted with the Lord that I will do my best to stop being dumb about the gospel. I know it is true, I know that Christ lived, now it is time to share that knowledge with the rest of the world.

Con Amor
Elder Harris

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