Saturday, November 6, 2010

I know that the Lord needs me!


I would love a picture of the family because all of the elders that I know have them and I don’t have a single picture. I can’t wait to see how some of them turned out. (Harris Family just had their portraits done the week before Elder Harris left for the MTC)  Also now that I am think about it please do not send me a picture of myself cause that would be really odd.

Well my companion has left for Peru this week, and I have been given a new companion.  His name is Elder Mayberry. At first I was a little worried about the entire thing but as I have come to know him in the last few days, I have had a change of heart. He is one of the people that on the outside looks and acts silly but when it counts is really in tune with the gospel. We taught out first lesson together yesterday.  It was lesson two and I thought that we were going to do really bad but... we did fantastic. The Lord blessed us with the spirit.

Well in the devotional on Tuesday of this week we had another apostle come and talk to us. Let’s just say M. Russell Ballard, is the man. He gave a very inspirational talk on the power of communication and our dire need to have it. I just am thinking to myself, thank you so much Mom and Dad for putting me into speech and debate classes. From what I hear there may be another apostle this week, and rumor has it that it is Bednar.  That would be super cool cause by far he is my favorite.

Well one really cool opportunity that I get to have because I am staying here in Provo, is that I get to meet the ambassador of Peru. He is coming to the United States, and because he has some interest in the church has told his handlers that he wants to see the MTC. All the Missionaries that are in the MTC right now that are going to the Great Country of Peru get to meet him and talk to him. I am not sure what I am going to say to him... I might ask him if he can get me a visa but that might not be very appropriate. I thought that it would be really cool of I got to teach him the first discussion with my companion. If I can or have the opportunity, if right, I am going to teach him about the gospel. Of course I will be listening to the spirit very intently before I even say anything.

Well I am pretty sick, there is a nasty flu going around and I have a really sore throat. Needless to say it is really making me tired and I fall asleep the second that my head hits the pillow. I have been drinking a ton of orange juice and eating a lot of vitamins so that I can try to kick this thing in the butt. 

Every Thursday night all the elders in my entire building meet on different floors and have a massive tie trade. Most of the time I just look around cause I like the ties that I have. It is really fun because there are elders that really like old fashion ones and ones that only like striped and so on and so forth. It brings in a sense of brotherhood and it is always nice after a day of labor to unwind a little and socialize. So just as a side note please if you can send some of my really nasty old ties maybe from good will or something. :)

The gospel of Jesucristo is on the earth today and I have received of its blessings. I know that the Lord needs me to stay here in the United States a little longer, and that whatever that reason is, it is for my benefit. Yes, I am a little sad that I don’t get to go there yet, don’t get me wrong. As I have slowly been coming to find out the father knows us personally, he knows our weaknesses and our strengths. The key principle is that we must have faith in Christ. "If we do not have faith then how are we to do this great work" M. Russell Ballard.

I love and miss all of you so much and I know that the Lord is blessing you

Elder Harris

P.S. If you get a chance, Sister Hatch has been sending me dear elders and I would like to write her a letter back but I do not have her address.  If you could get that to me I would really appreciate it.

P.S.S. I hope that you got what I sent you in the mail because I thought that it was really cool, and the pictures too.

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