Thursday, November 11, 2010

The worth of souls is great!

Wow this week has been really hard for me. We are starting to learn upper level Spanish and it was really difficult. I am also super sick... but I remind myself that there is opposition in all things.
Thank you so much for all the letters and packages, every time that I get one it brightens my day. 
Coolest thing ever happened this past week. I had the opportunity to meet the Peru Ambassador. He was one of the coolest people I have ever meet. He was super short like up to my shoulder short and had medium length wavy hair, and the best part was that he was extremely dark, almost like he had been in the sun getting a tan for the last month!!!! 
Side Note: he brought his wife with him, who spoke the fastest Spanish I have ever heard. I literally pulled a " best two years" moment and leaned to my companion and said, “what language is that?” He said, “I think she is speaking Spanish.” We laughed about it later. Anyway I had to go to another class before meeting him and practice some Spanish that would be appropriate to say to him. For example what to call him and how to address him if we had to talk to him and ect. 
There were only 8 of us in the room so if you can imagine we got to really meet this guy. The Ambassador could speak both English and Spanish, but we were told that we should speak English to him if we had a question.
Well here is were the super cool part comes in. He started talking to us about how much he liked that young people in the church and how they had such... determination and focus as to where they are going and what they are doing now. As the conversation progressed he asked the question, Why... Why do you have such determination? If you can believe it, the spirit filled me up with like super confidence. Myself and another elder in the room bore our testimonies to him. IT was one of the best testimonies I have ever given, and what I feel is almost the best part is that I have no idea what I said. I was speaking in English but the words were not mine. I just talked to him and told him of my love for the gospel, without teaching him ( because we were not allowed). Right after we finished with our testimonies he said that he could feel something in the room!!!!!, And that he was interested in find out what the feeling was!!!! Unfortunately we were not allowed to say anything else because we were short on time and he had other "more pressing" appointments to go to. I know that some day that man is going to accept the gospel and that it might be in the near future. AHHHHHHHHH He is so Ripe for the Gospel. Any way it was really really cool and I feel like that may have been one of the reasons I needed to stay in Provo, though I do not know for sure the reason for my extended stay, I do know that all the credit goes to our father in heaven for allowing me to have such a amazing opportunity.
For all of my family and friends, please know that with god anything is possible, and that HE takes the weak and makes them strong. If ever you have the opportunity to show an increase in love for your neighbor, you must do so. God is preparing  a way for you to accomplish his work, and this may be the only chance. Missionary work is so powerful and it transcends the MTC and the Mission, be must all be more of a missionary in our lives, because as we know the worth of souls is great in the sight of God. I know that god lives and the Christ lives. I know that the power of the atonement is real and all we must do is ask for forgiveness with a humble heart and a contrite spirit. I know that a prophet lives. He cares for us and receives modern revelation. I know without a shadow of a doubt that the book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. With that book, all of our questions can be answered and we can find relief and joy. God loves you, Christ loves you, and I know that they want nothing but to have you back in there out stretched arms.
-Elder Harris

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  1. Yay! Glad he's doing so good. My brother is going to lima north too and now they might get to meet in the mtc too! (He goes in wednesday.)

    I was Jarens FHE sister. Boy will he be a good missionary! So excited for him!