Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am finally here!!!!!!!!

Hey Familia
So... I am finally here!!!!!!!! This is the craziest place I have ever been. Let me just start with the flight from Salt Lake to Atlanta, I met this wonderful lady named Karen, we began to talk and I of course, being a missionary, began to bring in the gospel. Well... as time progressed I shared with her all of the first lesson and I committed her to reading the book of Mormon and praying to know if what is in the book is true, amazingly she accepted my offer. Then on the plane from Atlanta to Peru, I met a man from Peru whose name was Raul Feilpa and an almost similar situation happened. We began to talk and got around to the gospel and I committed him to read and pray about the book of Mormon. It was one of the coolest experiences that I’ve ever had. So I got of the air plane and took a few pictures ( for mom).
First things first, I have never sweated this much in my life. I thought that I was a really bad sweater, it is like 10 times worse here. I have crazy bad sweats here. It is so HOTTTT!!!!!!!! Also we took this crazy bus to the CCM and I thought that I was going to die about 10 times and this is no joke. The bus driver was the most insane driver ever. We were so close to all these cars next to us and even sometimes super close to the walls of buildings. One of the cool things that I saw on the way here was a super huge McDonalds and the best part was the advertisement on the side. Where there is usually some Pepsi product, there was a huge INCA COLA sign. I laughed so hard.
WOW the CCM is really nice because it is so small, I just got finished with my first meal here and let me tell you... AWESOME. We had the craziest rice and potatoes and pork that I have ever had. The potatoes here are really good. Then they served homemade fried donuts. I just about fell out of my seat because it was soooooo good. So about my companion we all have native companions. I have yet to meet mine, because I have not seen him, but I did sleep right below him in our bunk bed. Funny no?
So everyone speaks super fast Spanish. I am having a very difficult time understanding them but I know that over time I will gradually increase my skills with faith in the Lord. It’s amazing how much more Spanish I’ve been able to pick up in the last 5 hours of being here. So today for our first day, they give us a really lazy day. Just have to eat and go to one meeting and then we get to sleep the rest of the day. I am pretty excited but I am super tired.
More about the CCM, the entire thing is in the middle of a really poor neighborhood but there is a huge wall that surrounds it. This place sort of seems more like a rehab place then it does an MTC. It was an astro-turf soccer field and it has a few basket ball courts. Over all, I think that it is really nice. It has a really pretty court yard area. All of the elders did stay up last night and wait for us. They cheered as we got off the bus and what was super cool was that I got to see my old companion Elder Johnson. He was not feeling good so he was not there at the "gaultlet" but I did find him later that night at bed time. I can already tell that I am going to love this place. Foods good, Spanish well, and atmosphere awesome!!

Con amor
Elder Harris

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