Saturday, November 6, 2010

I will go, I will do.

Hey Family,
Well I don’t know what the Lord wants but I do know that it is for my good.  Unfortunately I will not be leaving for Peru.  I am a little bummed but…I will go, I will do. 
The MTC is pretty fun, I really like learning Spanish and I feel like I can say quite a bit of things now.
Some news...because I am not leaving this week I get a special opportunity.  The U.S. embassy is hosting the Peruvian Ambassador and He want to come to the MTC.  I get to meet him and spend time with him this Thursday.  Maybe I will ask him to get me a Visa, LOL. 
I love getting the packages and letters.  They really brighten my day. 
Tell me what you know about the Visa thing if you know more than me.  This is all I know: The Lady in the travel office told me that my paperwork had been “lost.”  She, after I asked, told me she had no idea of an expected time they might get it.  One of the three things can happen now.  I can get my visa within the next week or so and still go to the Peru MTC.  I can stay here for 6 more weeks, and hopefully get my visa, or if it doesn’t come in by that time I will be reassigned.  Pray hard that my Visa comes quick! J I just keep or I have been keeping my mind off of this and throwing myself more forcefully into my work. 
If you could I would love you forever if you could send me some more ties.  I quickly found that I need (crossed out) want more.
It was nice to hear your voices again.  I thought that it was funny that I said, “Hi, this is your son, Elder Harris.”  Don’t be too mad about this whole Visa thing.  Now that I think about it, the Lord has a plan.
Please tell Grandma Harris that I received her letter and that I will write her back soon.  Tell Grandma, Grandpa Murphy and the Messers that I also love them a ton, and Thank you for the letters!  Here are some pictures.  I will send more I promise.  I just have no, work, work.  I love it.  No other time has felt like this.
Tell me how home is and do it in ‘Dear Elders’.  They are so much easier on all sides. 
I miss you and love you,
-Elder Harris
P.S. It is starting to get cold here.  If you get a chance can you send my black coat, my mobster one, not because of that but because it is warm.
P.S.S. So the ring stands for “Haz Lo Justo” This is a statement in the command form of Spanish.  It translates to “Do the Just”.  We laugh because it is almost like a “Do the Just or Else.”  Thought it would be fun. (Elder Jaren Harris sent a ring that looks like the CTR green rings they give out in primary to each of his sisters, Mom & Dad – fun surprise!)

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