Friday, January 14, 2011

Dedicate Sundays to the Lord!

First off because it is the first thing on my mind..Peruvians have this fantastic cake here called Caycay.  It is the best ever!!!!!!  I want you to try some.   It is really good and you can only get it in a bakery.
Well not this week but next week we have two more baptisms. I am so excited.  We are baptizing the daughter of the brother who was my first baptism. The second baptism is a totally awesome guy named Percy Velázquez.  He is only 19 years old and is the man. I pretty much love him.
I am really happy that you received my last letter. I have sent out letters for the girls.  I hope that you receive them soon.  Pretty soon I will send out another CD with more pictures on it.  I don´t know when I’ll get to send it but it will have baptism pictures and zoo pictures. It seems so crazy that basketball season has already started and I have really lost track of time at home. It’s amazing I just don’t really have time to think about that stuff. Every day is so full of work and Spanish that I often forget that I am a gringo!!!  Let’s talk about Spanish, right now I can almost understand everything that someone says to me. The only times that I don’t understand is when someone uses a contextual word that I haven’t heard before. For example, a funny story...Very close to where I live and in my area is a silver mine. I had no idea what the word for mine was in Spanish.  This lady was going off about how she used to work in one and what her job was and I could not figure out what she was talking about. I understood the words around that word. It was pretty funny. It wasn’t until she started making actions of mining and pointing at different rocks did I figure it out.
 So that’s super cool about Aunt Kathryn.  I hope that everything is fine with her and that the baby is doing well.  
Hey, tell Tegan that I love him if you get a chance... I am praying that he gets the opportunity to return to his mission.  Hope he gets feeling better.
Hmm... Other things I’ve been thinking about in Peru ... Dad´s birthday is coming up and I have found something cool that I want to send to him. I promise that I will send amazing things for all of your birthdays just keep in mind that they may not come in time. So the other day I was thinking about what it is going to be like to give my homecoming talk. Hmmmm...Well I think that I might just do the entire talk is Spanish so that no one understands what I am saying. Lol, no I won’t do that.
The 25th of this month might be a change for me out of Canto Chico and into the Selba or jungle. I guess that it is really random so I could stay or go. Amazing how quickly this week went by, I closed my eyes and opened them and found myself right back in front of the computer telling you about another week. Or really I more or less just am telling you about my thoughts. Well so I was thinking about Sundays for our family a lot lately. I realized that our family needs a spiritual rebuke. Sorry... BUT guys we need to dedicate Sundays to the lord, and I know this may be hard but... no more TV, bad music, work and other things that do not bring you to remember the lord. I know crazy tough but I testify that the lord will bless you if you keep this commandment. Just experiment with this commandment this coming Sunday and I promise the blessings will be so large and so great that you won’t want to go back. I love you all and I promise to send photos soon.
Con Amore,   Elder Harris

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