Monday, January 17, 2011

Pray always that ye may come off a Conqueror!


OK, so what a crazy good week I had.

First, let’s just begin by first apologizing for all the spelling and the lack of detail. I promise that I will do my best.  Interesting that you were thinking about marriage this week... I had some thoughts of my own, strangely, enter my mind, sort of out of the blue, I wrote them down, and realized that I had written the description of a perfectly impossible women that I want to marry. (poop)  Well a little about the weather here. Well it’s hot, but the other day we had this strange rain thing happen. It rained, but when the water hit the ground, the ground was so thirsty for a drink,  it literally drank the water up. It would hit the ground and just disappear, Crazy!  By the way I am getting a really nasty farmer´s tan... I like it.

The churches here are small but they are extremely pituco which is slang for rich in Spanish.  They all have filtered water and are small.  I should have taken pictures of it to show you but I forgot.  

I am sending out another cd today with more pictures on it.  Oh, this week I had my second baptism. We baptized the daughter of my first baptism. Her name is Guadalupe. I have cool pictures on the cd that I am sending you. This time Elder Xicara was in the water and I was a testigo. I felt the spirit just as strong as my first time. Incredible!  There are five things that the Lord wants of us in order to return to him. Have faith in Jesus Christ, repent, baptism, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and endure to the end. The path has all been laid out before us, we just have to decide to put one foot in front of the other. I was thinking the other day about the baptism of Christ and there are three important parts, first is that there is a lot of water because the true form of baptism is full immersion of the body. The second is that of John the Baptist.  John had the authority to act in God´s name or in other words he had the priesthood, and last that of Jesus. Jesus, who had no sins, desired to be baptized because as he said on John 3:5 “except a man be born of the water and of the spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God”. Can it be any more blunt?  Baptism is an essential part of the plan of salvation, without this saving ordinance we are not permitted to live in the presence of God. The baptism of Guadalupe was fantastic!  I know that because she made the choice to be baptized with the proper authority of God, her life will be blessed.

 I imagine baptism is a door, and directly behind the door is a path that leads to the temple. The path is repentance, faith and keeping the commandments (A.K.A - enduring to the end) and after we accomplish that, we are privileged to enter into the Lord´s house. In all actuality what is our goal, if not to enter the temple. This leads me to think of another investigator we have named Percy. This week he could have been baptized but he didn’t pass the interview. I know that he has a sincere desire to be baptized because he knows of the importance... but he doesn´t believe that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. In the introduction of the Book of Mormon there is a promise in the last paragraph that says that if you pray and receive an answer saying the Book of Mormon is true... then you also know that Jesus is the Christ, Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church on the earth today, and one more that it doesn’t say directly but that Jesus Christ will come again. The problem with Percy is that he hasn’t taken the first step to the door of baptism... and that is to pray to know. “Pray always that ye may come off a conqueror, yea that ye may conquer Satan.” 

God lives. Christ lives. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. Read the book and follow the advice of James 1:5.

Con Amor Elder Harris

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