Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Eve

Well this week has been fun... first, on New Years Eve due to there being no laws regarding  fireworks, every single person buys them and lights them all off at the same time... midnight... Well let’s just say that it was way cooler than any firework show I have ever seen in my entire life.  Literally it was so bright and so loud, with all the lights off I could see my entire room clearly and it was louder than our surround sound at home on full blast. A.K.A.... Impossible to sleep.
 This week on Saturday I had my first baptism.  I was able to baptize Sara Salomon and don’t worry I have pictures. The spirit was so strong when I was in the water, the Spanish was a little hard but it was all ok and everything went well.
By the way quick side note have you received the letters that I have sent you with the CD that had pictures on it? Pretty soon I am going to send you another one with the pictures of the baptism on it.
My companion and I are getting along just fine.  We have had rough spots but overall we teach the gospel well together.
Ok, another side note, I will never have the opportunity to read the blog... this is sort of poopy but who knows it could be possible some day to just see it for a few seconds.  
So really cool stuff happens on a daily base here, for example, just the other day we went into the home of an investigator and she brought us out this strange green liquid. Ya I was thinking like “no flipping way am I drinking that green puke,” but of course I had to try some.  So I did and holy crap it was great!  It was some kind of smoothie thing that had kiwi, mango and this other fruit that can only be found in Peru (I cannot remember the name of the fruit) . The concoction was a horrible nasty green vomit color but tasted like sweet delicious goodness!  Another interesting thing that I ate the other day was duck.  Yes, I was just eating some meat didn’t know what it was.   I asked my pensionista and she said pato, which is duck. Cool right!?!!!
So there is some speculation about me being moved out of the city and into the jungle, it could be on the 25th of this month, but I won’t know until the Saturday before.
We are going to THE PARK OF LEGENDS. The park of legends is .................... The world’s greatest Zoo. Yes, super fantastic right? Today we get the wonderful opportunity to go to one of the world’s coolest zoo.  Ok well I don’t actually know if it is the world’s coolest, but everyone here says that it is. I am pretty excited. I am going to take tons of photos.
Another fascinating thing that I thought dad would think is really cool is you can get your shoes shined for one sol here which equates to about 33 cents, and it is the best shoe shine job ever. Don’t worry though dad, I shine my own shoes too.  Another detail, I think I have a caffeine addiction or soon will have one because they just serve Inca Cola at every single meal. I am not joking around, it’s everywhere.   I have it at least 3 or four times a day in what would be the same amount as a can, every single day.
I don’t know if you have ever seen it there in the U.S. but here are some cool keys that you can find on a Spanish key board. èìòà`ñ¡ º ª ¿¡¡¡   Crazy right?  Lol! Well I love all of you so stinking much and every time that I look at the family pictures you sent I get a little home sick.  ¡pero esta bien!  I cannot wait to show you, Mom and Dad when you come all the really cool things here in Peru.   When we actually come closer to the end of my mission I will have to tell you some of the rules about being here because there are a lot when you have your parents come to pick you up.
Con Amor, Elder Harris

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