Sunday, January 9, 2011

Run Away, Run Away

Snail Mail - Dec 21, 2010
Hola Mi Familia!
Well long time no see…I thought it would be nice to send you a letter from Peru.  By the time you actually receive this letter I will most likely have been here for two more weeks. (He was right!)
Peru is a very hectic place, always moving, always yelling and always hot.  It’s kind of like the fair...just that the crazy people...are a lot more crazy.
Cool story, my companion and I were walking up this street when out of the blue this man that had been ringing a door bell in front of us came over and started talking to us.  When he got close to us I could see that he was crying and he smelled heavily of alcohol.  My radar was going off telling me to run away, run away.  I noticed this guy had claw marks with fresh blood all over his arms and face.  That’s when that little voice in my head turned to a blood-curdling roar.. (Couldn’t tell if it was the spirit, I think possibly it was, ok, maybe not..It was more like my Mom’s voice)..To get away.  My Companion must have felt a similar we quickly excused ourselves from the conversation that had never really started and made off quickly for the bishop’s house.  I hate to have seen what could have happened if I had stayed.
So I have really taken to two things, ok, well three things.  First, writing in my journal.  I have been writing more and more.  It is my only chance to think in English in a very Spanish world.  Second, Exercise.  We were blessed with a little weight set in my house and I do crunches, and or all manner of exercises.  It takes my mind off things for a bit.  And last but not least and my personal favorite..Brushing my teeth.  I know, miracle, right? Amazing, fantastic, marioosa Y Chevire, I just like doing it.  Its..F…U..N..I think.
Well about the good old Comp..WELL…  He is very demanding, an extremely hard worker and he is a kind of sink or swim, my way or the high way kind of guy.  He has been out for nine months and is currently district leader which of course he takes very seriously.  He is not really much of a joker; in fact, I don’t know if he knows what that is (exaggeration).  He is always asking me how I am and how do I feel.  I usually reply fine or good which is shortly followed by (Esta bien) well it is good.  Spanish is a different mindset and something that I am learning quickly is you cannot translate English to Spanish.  When we speak in English everything we say is some sort of phrase, where as in Spanish everything they say is more literal and gender specific.  I have been told more than once now that sarcasm doesn’t exist.  I believe it now that I am in the field.
Well I have to run out real quick and do some contacts.  I will be right back and you won’t even know it –Well today I had my first exchange, yes, pretty cool.  What happens is my companion and one of the zone leaders exchange then they check my district leader/companion progress in our area.  It should be really fun because my zone leader is a really cool guy.  He is from Idaho and has been out for 15 months now.  Crazy long time! Well as you should know the gospel is true, it helps people receive saving ordinances and salvation.  God loves you and I love you!
Con Amore, Elder Harris

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