Monday, January 24, 2011

Welcome to the Jungle!

Well drum roll.......................................................................................
I am being transferred into the jungle. I am going to Iquitos. It is the city that is furthest away in the jungle and I will be taking a plane to get there. I leave tomorrow morning at 8:00 in the morning. I am super excited because I will be serving in a part know as Belen, and pretty much all the houses are up on giant poles this time of the year because it is really rainy. Sometimes it is so rainy that it creates random (ha ha ha - random) new rivers in the middle of the city.  I guess it rains every single day in Iquitos and it is super hot, way hotter than here in Canto Chico. My new companion´s name is Elder Pice and from all that I have heard of him he is super funny and super cool and a super crazy hard worker. In all actuality, everyone is kind of jealous that I get to be with him in the coolest part of Iquitos. So pretty much for lack of better terms, "I scored".

I am a little upset that girls have not received my letters, I sent them all one. I’m super happy that woody and the cook boys got theirs. I am going to try to write to the Harris’ boys today before I even read what you put in your email. I hope that I have time to write to them.  I don’t know if I will be able because I have to pack up all my stuff.

So a little bit about transfers here, I guess that it doesn’t happen very often that both of the missionaries in one area leave at the same time. Oh ya, Elder Xicara is leaving too. He is being made zone leader in another district. We were both really shocked that we are both leaving, it is really rare. I don’t know... personally I think that it is really awesome. I can’t wait to get into the jungle and see all the crazy and amazing stuff that I am going to see there.

One the rules for all missionaries are to be back in your apartment at 9:00 every day because it is dangerous to be out later than that. This week we were up in the mountain making our way back to the house at about 8:45. Of course if we were to walk back we would have been late. So we started to run. Basically we were sprinting to get back in the house on time, because let’s be honest... if you want blessings you have got to be obedient. Well I don’t know if I’ve told you sufficiently but there are hundreds of stray dogs everywhere. We were running and had this trail of dogs behind us... probably because they were thinking "sweet someone to play with".  So just imagine in your mind´s eye two missionaries running down a hill with about 15 dogs behind them and.... Tell me you wouldn’t want to investigate the church.  Honestly I wish I could have been an investigator on the outside because I would have been laughing my head off. In all actuality, the moral of the story is, what will we sacrifice to be obedient? Sometimes in this life we may feel silly to be obedient, like running down a hill with 15 dogs, but what great blessing the lord has promised if we follow his commandments.  Our supreme expression of love for him is in his words, "if ye love me, keep my commandments". I think about all the times that you,  Mom,  have asked me to clean my room and I haven’t, and later in the day I would say that I love you. There is nothing wrong with this expression of love, but how much stronger it could have been if I had kept your "commandments".  This is the principle of obedience; we obey in order to show love. So the opposite principle applies, if we do not obey, we are not showing our love for him that gives us all our blessings. Once again the question must be asked who´s side are we on? 

Saydi, I was thinking about you this week, more specifically about my room. It’s yours. When I come back, you do not need to move all of your things out, that will just be really annoying for you, and I was thinking of all the experiences that you will have in that room and I don’t want to take it away from you.

Wow, I was packing up a few things this morning and found one of the letters that you had written to me and I was so shocked at how totally awesome it was. Thank you for baring your testimony to me in your letter. It was very powerful. I love you so much and thank you for such a powerful spiritual boost. Love you lots and I too cannot wait to come back and tell you all kinds of crazy cool stories.

Love Elder Harris a.k.a. Jaren,  your brother & son

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